Free prescriptions for us from the 1st of April

Ah well, I am always too fast with everything!! Typical me! I am sure they will soon send it back to me, and I will start again. I was so excited at the thought of saving £100!

This site has all the details.
It does appear that many GPs have not yet received their stock of the new Exemption forms…

You are so right i went to my surgery the other day and the receptionist handed me an exemption form which did not include cancer patients. After a discussion with the receptionist, who tried to palm me off with a NHS phone no, which i told her I was not ringing, she could ring. I am awaiting a form to fill in.

You would think GP surgeries would be the first to know whats going on Re free perscriptions for cancer patients.

As i am a member of my patient participation group I intend to make this known to the GP surgery.

hi all, i asked at my surgery on the 23rd of Jan, the gp knew nothing, but i did sign the old exemption form and the doctor put “breast cancer” in the comments box, he told me to send it off and any problems then hopefully they would have the right forms in soon. so i sent the form off, then this Thursday gone i got a letter from my gp saying that they now had the right forms in and if i needed to then a form was ready for me, the next day i recieved my medical exemption card! so i rang them, explained that it was the old form, they told me not to worry and cancelled my direct debit payment to them for my ppp. it has made me wonder if gps could have been helping patients more by signing the old form!

I can’t believe it. I filled in the form. My GP signed it, then this morning, the surgery sent it back to me saying that I could not apply before the 1st April. I can’t send it myself as the surgery’s stamp is missing. Grr.
I have now printed the info fromt the NHS website, and will hand it over to the office manager at my surgery.

Thank you for this information, I am going to my GP to ask for a form. Will let you know how I get on.
I find it incredible that surgeries do not know about the forms, do they not listen to any news?

I was at my GP’s yesterday and stocked up on my various (and plentiful!) prescriptions before my pre-paid runs out next week. I asked him about THE FORM (!). They have got them so I assume other surgeries should have them but I believe the original thread on here from BCC said they were available from 5th Feb. He just said to add it onto my repeat prescription ‘list’ and they’ll give me a signed one next time. I’m OK with this as I don’t need anything now I’ve got my very own chemist shop at home LOL. The new forms are the same as the previous exemption forms but with BC now added as condition and the GP can write BC on the old form if they don’t have the new. Hope this makes sense!

Picked up my form last monday, filled it in there and then, and got my card through on thursday last week!

My Gp sent my form off last week ,and i recieved my card yesterday.

I sent my form off last Monday, received card yesterday.

My GP surgery don’t yet have the forms and can’t give any indication of when they might arrive! Might try another surgery…

Just thought I’d add to this that my GP completed the form last week and I received my card today dated from 1/4/09 until 31/3/14 which is quite impressive given my current run of NHS blunders (another story altogether but one many are faced with constantly).

I’m also quite chuffed this has come about because Breast Cancer Care contacted me, I think approximately 3 years ago asking if I would help with some media coverage on highlighting “Prescriptions for Change” and wanting cancer patients to be exempt, so well done Breast Cancer Care, your campaigning finally paid off.

Best wishes


I have filled my form in and hopefully the doctor has send it off. How long do it take to process?

Sorry just quickly read the posts. Looks like they are very quick to send back so that is good news

My surgery dont have the forms either. Apparently they did have them but cant give them out until April.
Silly, isnt it.

Hi, Well my surgery have the forms and the Doctor filled it in signed it and sent it to me then I filled in the appropriate details and sent it off. How can they all say different. Love Lesley xx

Fantastic! well done to BBCare for your campaigning!

I’ve just called my GP surgery and please note that you have to have this formcountersigned by your GP BEFORE you pick it up !!
Mine will be ready to pick up and complete this wednesday.
It’s about time there was some advantage to our situation :slight_smile:

Mandy x

I went in today and my surgery has received no forms yet. This is the second time I have asked and getting fed up they still don’t know what I am talikng about

Hi Lily

Try the chemist - even though my gp hasn’t received any forms yet- the chemist had them.

best wishes

As I mentioned earlier on in this thread, my GP just filled in old form and added cancer to it. Just one word and a tick box!! Why do they need to waste trees and print a whole load of new ones?!! I would have thought it was much more cost effective to use them til they run out and then print new amended ones, but then I guess this is the NHS we are talking about.
Now where was I? Sorry about the rant. Yes, I filled out old form, and now have my exemption certificate, just waiting for all those drugs I can have free of charge come April 1st!
Best wishes,