free wig

Hi Ladies, hope you are all well and coping the best we can. I am in the enviable position of having hair, very short but enough. I have a Trendco wig which was only worn once to be styled. The name of the wig i Jana and can be seen on the Trendco site. I have the shampoo, hairspray and styler, all never used. Unfortunatly i dont have the polystyrene head anymore as the Grandchildren felt it would look better with garish makeup! If anyone is interested in this wig I am happy to post if you ‘whisper’ me their email. If anyone knows the safest thing to use to get rid of underarm hair I would be grateful, cant get on with electric shaver!
Good Luck to you all

Hi Lynn

I am in the same wig position as you!

On underarm hair :

  • shaving - not good - risk of infection
  • waxing - not good - leaves tiny holes where hairs ripped out - risk of infection
  • cream - can use but not very often - yest on “good” armpit first

good luck
love FB xx

Hi all
wig has gone now, good luck to you all
Best wishes