Frightened. I can feel a lump just weeks after radiotherapy treatment

I recently finished 4 weeks of Rads at the end of Jan this year and have been taking tamoxifen since Nov 2013.
I attended my follow up appointment with the oncologist last week, she examined me and said everything had gone well (surely she would have rely it too )

I can now suddenly feel a lump in the same breast but not sure if this is normal so soon after rads really just looking foe some advice of other ladies who have experienced this and is it normal so soon after,
I was really starting to feel so much better and have a holiday booked for a week nxt week and now find myself feeling stressed all over again so now

Any advice would be a help

Hi paula12…firstly I would suggest getting this checked out if you are worried about it. I noticed a thickening of skin underneath my breast scar after rads, which apparently is usual and due to the effect of the rads on breast tissue. On some days it is still there some 18 months after rads finished. Rads also causes damage to other breast areas it passes through…underneath my breast was very sore, and as this has healed, there are lots of little ‘lumps’…my 2nd year follow up mammo said ‘no worrying features’. Hope this helps to reassure ; however best to phone your breast unit to put your mind at rest…hope all is well, and enjoy your holiday

Hi Paula I found a lump 6days after finishing rads and panicked!my logical bit of my brain said nothing bad could have happened so quickly but fear took over.I got a quick appointment to see breast surgeon after ringing my bcn.she examined me and sent me for an was fat necrosis .damage to tissues from lumpectomy and did go after some week’s but the area is still tender 18months on.get it checked out as you worrying about it won’t do you any good.take care Denise