frightened-imagination running riot....

frightened-imagination running riot…

frightened-imagination running riot… Posted few weeks ago after swelling of good arm when l got sent for abone scan and a ct scan-though consultant said it was only prcaution,then after ct got recall for liver ultra sound as somthing had shown up-told this was fat-very relieved then got appt for MRI liver as ultra sound somehow changed from ok to inconclusive so…has MRI last thurs,then today out of blue whilst me thinking well next thurs will phone try get results l get letter for another MRI next week.apparently they may need diff views or a contrast dye. just feel so scared and drained and its not helped as my memory has got awful-so bad hubby suggested should tell Dr so saw gp yesterday who mentioned brain mets but if mri ok probably wont be so after today am in panic mode!!!He said obviously would have other symptoms eg headaches-well guess what lve had all day…!!!sure if hed said you get yellow flowers growing on your bum ld have them!!!
sorry for moaning-dont know where all that came from-its strange how alone l feel yet house is full really.know you girls know what its like

Imagination Hi Sharon,

You poor thing - Not suprised you had a headache after all that. I’m sure it was the stress. (Loved your illusion of the yellow flowers though!)

It’s so easy to get scared. I’m the same if I get any ailment I might have shrugged off in the past - now it becomes highly suspicious in my mind. I’m sure your doctors are just being thorough and want a clearer picture of what’s going on. Doesn’t make YOU feel better at the moment though.

Just wanted to send my love,

Jacki xx

Hi Sharon,

No wonder you’ve had headache with all that’s been happening to you over the last few weeks. Just wanted to say thinking of you and sending you loads of cyber hugs. I’m waiting for results of bone scan - which I had last Monday, because of sore ribs - like you am soooo scared! Shouldn’t worry about the memory - don’t know how old you are, but mine has been awful for a few years now (I’m 54), and when it first started happening I was convinced I had the beginnings of alzheimers! Think it’s just the process of growing old though - now I just want to be allowed that privilege if you know what I mean! Anyway, hang on in there, try not to think the worst and make the most of the lovely weather forecast for this weekend - deny yourself nothing! Lots of love, Jean xxx

Good Luck… Hi Sharon

Just to let you know that were all thinking about you. Yove had so much thrown at you over the past weeks that I too am not suprised that youve got a headache.

I had been on a low fat diet and was having some problems going to the loo and went to my GP with all the menopause symptoms thrown in I guess I just wanted her to say, yes, yes its just ladies problems, before I could say, ‘not likely’ she had me doing stool samples, ‘just in case’, (dont your just love it when they say ‘well…with your history, we had better just be on the safe side’…I felt like screaming at her.

So we all feel so much for you, like the other girls have mentioned, the weather is going to be lovely this weekend, try to relax a little, perhaps sitting outside with a good book to get your mind off ‘the’ subject might help.

(PS After all my worrying the samples came back ‘normal’, and to make it worse I had thought all kinds of terrible outcomes for me and I was right back in the moments when I was first diagnosed.)

Now I just have a little back/leg/bone ache and I really have to stop my mind taking it any further…

Thinkin of you.

Debbie x


I wish there were some magic words to make all the worries go away, but unfortunately, that’s just part of the territory now. I really hope that everything will turn out fine. On a positive note, it’s great that your docs are being so thorough. So many women have to fight to get their concerns heard. But I realise that doesn’t help you at the moment, of course.

Bear in mind that headaches are frequently associated with stress and you’ve had plenty of that over the last few weeks. And the memory loss is a common and continuing side effect of chemo that loads of us have - I’m nearly 4 years post-chemo and if it’s not written down, I ain’t got a clue (and I’m only 35!!!)…

I know it’s hard, but try to fill your head and your time with things that you enjoy, so that those negative thoughts don’t have room to manoeuvre. But if they start taking over and you need to let them out again, you know where we are.

Take care and fingers crossed. Big hugs,

Mel xx

thank you all thank you all for your lovely caring replies.Have got myself on a calmer plain finally!Snapped at poor hubby this morning and got told off by my daughter-whose 22!!!realised l was letting it take hold so been occupying myself to keep mind off it and feel a lot calmer.Its strange how you go from sane woman to blubbering idiot without passing go!!!
my MIL died in dec 2004-7 mths after my diagnosis and it my hubby sister is 45 but has Down Syndrome so without any prior planning we have her living with us and she is a joy-will get to point soon!!!-last few days every time she cuddles me and says l love you sharon-as she does often l just fill up.It was so hard for her whe mum died she made her very dependant and we have rewritten all the rules and she is blossoming and am feel if l dont get thru she will be distraught so a lot is at stake.any way enough whinging its positive from now on!!!
thank you all
love sharon x