Frightened of starting chemotherapy on Thursday

I’m very nervous about starting chemotherapy on Thursday. I’ve read people have had severe reactions and I am getting more anxious as it gets closer. Has anyone got any positive experiences I just don’t know what to expect.

Hi Tanyette. I’m scared witless despite wanting to throw everything at this. However I have a phobia of vomiting so approaching the whole thing with trepidation. I have my first one on Friday and belong to a group of friends who are all having chemo first. One is sailing thru two have mild effects and one has migraines brought on but has meds that help. There are a couple of threads on here for May starters. Have you had your surgery yet? Xx

Hi Tanyette, I underwent chemo 4 years ago and never really had any problems. I was quite sick after my first one but my sickness Meds were adjusted and I was never sick again. I continued to work full time and looked after my 4 year old daughter and ran the house, I pretty much carried on as normal. I’m not saying I didn’t have sofa days because I did, but on the whole I was fine, the fear of the treatment was far worse than the reality xxx


I am a week after first TAC chemo. The horror of the word has been so far much worse than reality. I was horrified to hear chemo was on the agenda for me and the mind visuals were not good. Have had no nausea. Day 3 and 4 was really knackered and just on sofa but still able to have shower and get around house. After that largely back to normal. Did a 40 min brisk walk today, and have been to Tescos etc this week. I hope that helps a bit. It is the unknown which is scary but so far more than manageable. Best of luck xx

Hi tanyette
I had my first chemo last monday and i can honestly say i felt fine. I had slight tiredness and nausea but nothing to bad and my tongue went a bit numb on day 5 but 6 days on and i feel like nothing has happened. The chemo going in just feels a bit cold but it doesn’t hurt i did feel a bit tingly in my fingers and lady area but this went after a few minutes and this also happened to a friend of mine so it must be quite normal. If you should be unlucky to get a reaction to the meds the nurse will stop it immediately so you won’t come to any harm and try to remember the reactions are very rare…you will be fine
Tracy xx

You can definately read too much. When I went in to my local Macmillan centre, every leaflet seemed to start “coping with…” It all seemed too much.  Much like childbirth (i guess) the horror stories are what you remember. I have to say I am way happier having started chemo than waiting for it. I think it will help if you keep open rather than expecting every side effect on the list. The paperwork is scary, but nurse told me she had never seen an allergic reaction since they gave steroids. X

Hi tanyette, just want to echo what the other May ladies have said. I had my 1st chemo last tues & apart from morning sickness & tiredness felt ok. It’s doable! This forum is a great source of support & info & will help you through this. Good luck xx