Hi there, had a mammogram and a biopsy today. The Dr said its definitely not a cyst as its a hard solid lump. The lump is pea sized. I’m booked in for 24th for results. I hope it’s ok. I wish all u guys on here the best x

Sorry to hear tha Demi. Be assured that you are now in the loop. There is a lot of waiting involved and you can feel very vulnerable while waiting to find out what you are dealing with and what can be done about it.
Try to distract yourself, easier said than done!
Good luck

Hi Demi, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Primary Breast Cancer last October. As a mum of two younger children and relatively young it came as a real shock. I found the waiting for results the hardest part but try to stay positive! I know it’s really hard and all sorts of things go through your head (am I going to die?) but staying focused is the key. I have been through surgery, chemo and now currently radiotherapy and going strong!! Don’t forget, it may not be cancer after all and if it is, a pea-sized lump can be treated with excellent outcomes for most! The main thing is you are being checked! Don’t be frightened, if it is cancer I know you will kick its butt!!! :slight_smile: Good luck xx

Just thought I’d wish you well for your results. Just because it isn’t a cyst, doesn’t mean it is BC. There are lots of benign breast conditions. I do hope it is one of these. If it does prove to be BC however, be assured that this is the best place to keep coming back. Here is a link to a bunch of leaflets/booklets on this site all about the different benign conditions.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it is one of these benign conditions and NOT BC. Sending big hugs too.

Poemsgalore xxx

My lump was pea sized and its been dealt with quickly and I’m doing well after the lumpectomy on 30/4. I’m running 3 times a week which helps with my mind set and keeping me in tip top condition. I’m having radiotherapy but really only as a precaution as it was graded as a 1.
thinking of you as we’ve all been in your position. Keep focused and busy girl xx