From 'Breast' cancer to 'Chest' cancer

Did anyone else see the ‘London Tonight’ today about the campaign to change the name of Breast Cancer to Chest Cancer? It was prompted by a young chap who had a tumour and had to have mx. He and other (men) were talking about the stigma of discussing ‘breast’ cancer and how unnatural it was talking about breasts - their own that is. He also said that, by changing the name to ‘chest’ more men might be inclined to check themselves. The guy is having chemo at the moment and planning to marry next year. There was a doctor interviewed and she said that chest cancer is something different to breast cancer and that symptoms and treatment would get confused etc. I just wondered if anyone has an opinion?

The figures given in the programme were 46000 women per year diagnosed and about 300 men.

I think breast cancer is excactly that. Breast Cancer. Why deny what it is? If it was changed, would it mean in reverse that all the millions of girls and women will stop checking their breasts thinking it doesn’t apply to them?! And all the investment and collateral in messages and promotion and money spent to date wasted? Men have breasts. Redundant and undeveloped but they are still breasts. Heck I even read somewhere that back in time, men could once breast feed too! But that evolution changed things so only women kept the ‘functionality’. And what would cancer that starts in the chest be then called? And will there be need to then start ‘desexing’ other parts of our anatomy too? I could go on but its late and I won’t.

I don’t want to be disrespectful but surely the energy should be put in to changing perception not the fundamentals of what something actually is.


Hi Ladies,

What aload of bunkem, you are so right Georgibella Breast cancer is exactly that, it makes me so angry that there complaining about a bloody name/label what ever they want to call it at the end of the day it doesnt change what it is, why dont they put all that wasted energy and channel it into something worthwhile, its just silly.

Take Care

Leslee x

Maybe they could change the male form to ‘manboob cancer’ ‘moob cancer’ ???

MADE me laugh smallstar!!

and me… he hee

I’d have no objection to men having moob cancer, that’s a darn’ site more reasonably than turning breast to chest! Great suggestion indeed! And if there is other forms of cancer in the chest, such a change would be dangerous in the extreme.

I do remind people who know about my diagnosis, that men can be directly affected with bc, as well as being partners or other significant attachments of women who are diagnosed with the disease.

Think Georgibella is right about putting the energy into changing perceptions.