From the mouths of babe's

Hello ladies,

Thought I would share this as it may give you a mcuh needed giggle.
Was just finishing helping my 6 year old daughter in the shower after her swimming lesson this week. One of the volunteer instructors came into the shower (This wonderful lady is inspirational and tought me to swim. I’m 42 now!). A familiar look came over Fearne’s face - the look that signals a 10 second warning that you need to ground to open and swallow you up. Here is what happened:
“Why is your skin so saggy? It’s flapping in the water and falling off your skeleton!”

These happen regularly and have been termed ‘Fearnisms’ by friends.

That must have been so embarassing.
When middle daughter (now 42) was about 9, she was trying to build a den out of a couple of old clothes horses and blankets. It kept collapsing and she was getting rather peeved with it. I asked her why didn’t she ask her younger brother to help her. Her answer:
“No, he’s more of an injury than a help”
“Don’t you mean hinderance?”
“No, he injures you!!”
Son looked dejected and went back to pretending he was the pet dog (his usual position in childhood games with his two older sisters).

Ha ha. Very astute for one so younng!

When my grandson Chester was about 3, he had a ‘toy’ computer which gave oral instructions on what to do next. The battery began to wear out and his button presses were having no effect. The female voice kept repeating ‘press the red button’. After half a dozen times, Chester said in exasperation: 'Ive already done that, lady!"
He’s 13 now, and ahead of everyone else in his year. Another funny thing he said, when my daughter changed his younger brother’s disposable nappy, she put it in a disposal bag and put it down to go and fetch some more rubbish to take out to the dustbin. Chester piped up ‘mummy, please take that bag away, it smells of Campbell’s bum!’
Good job he doesn’t read this forum, he’d never speak to me again!!

You just have to love them don’t you. It’s so wonderfully grounding. We had another ‘Fearnism’ last wkend. At a large, busy, chain pet shop in Leeds looking for a female rabbit to adopt as a mate to our male rabbit. The young pet shop assistant had to look to see what sex thier rabbit needing adoption was - it was male so no good for George sadly. At the till Fearne asks very loudly:
“It’s rude to look at someones privates. How do you know if it’s a boy? Does it have a tinky winky like Lucas and Daddy?”. The poor lad flushed better than I do on tamoxifen!!!

She’s bright little star paged. I have five children, and 7 grandchildren. They all come out with some embarassing comments sometimes. I’ll try to remember some more.

My younger daughter (now 30) was with me at a funeral of the lady next door who had no relaives and few friends. So only anout 6 of us at the church service. I told her beforehand to be good and where we were going with the promise of a comic if she was. In the silence she asks me “Mummy is Annie in the Box?” “Is Annie coming out of the box?” But everyone took it well with a little smile. Annie would have loved it! Val

We just burried by Nan yesterday - Val, like with your experience, a little one can lighten the mood! Although Fearne didn’t come she still had her say:
“why can’t I come to Nana’s heaven party?” - “can I come to yours then?!” - NO TIME SOON DARLING I HOPE!!! X