fromKippy to oldandlumpy.

thanks for your message, love the name of the band. can’t get my message box up, not been on here for a while, will work it out. X

hate to use the forum for messaging, but its rude not to reply and I cannot get the messages to work.Yes the lads in the band got me. we have a guitar called Hustler, and they said lets use that for a band name. How naive was I? it was not until alot later that my sons told me it was the name of a porn mag

Haha, YAF, never mind Oldandlumpy, or even YoungAndFunky, I think we need to re-christen you SweetAndInnocent! And you know they say you learn something new every day? Well today I learnt on a breast cancer forum that there’s a porn mag called Hustler! What a hoot!

Ha,Ha, Great. think i have sorted getting my messages up,off to get some wine now, i live up north,do have a few mates in London.