Frozen Embryo Transfer

I am due to begin a frozen embryo transfer in a few months and would appreciate hearing about others experiences, whatever the outcome! There is limited information available on how successful it can be and it feels like I’m one of few people going down this route, would be nice to find others in the same boat! X

Hi Ladybird42, I don’t know just how useful any info I have might be but one of my daughters is in the same process. Nothing to do with cancer though but in case she can be of any help.  She has had one baby who is 18 months through IVF and the remaining embryos frozen and defrosted earlier in the year.  One was implanted but sadly she lost it.  The embryos were refrozen (this is the very new process bit I understand) and last Friday the remaining two were defrosted and because they both successfully survived the process and are viable she had both implanted.  Fingers crossed. 

So, if you feel that anywhere in all of that there is anything she could help/support you through I am more than happy to ask her.

Best wishes with this leg of your journey.



We had 2 fresh IVF cycles and 3 with frozen embryos. Sadly for us although we would get a positive result none of them ended in a viable pregancy


There was a forum called “fertility friends” that I used during this and it was very good but I am not sure how it would be for cancer related topics