Frozen shoulder/s 5 months after mx surgery?

just wanted to ask whether anyone else has had any problems with frozen shoulder symptoms after mx surgery?   Had left mx and snb end July last year, and have been doing exercises religiously, but noticed for last 3/4 weeks my movement in left shoulder/arm seemed to be reducing - struggling to fasten bra at the back, and getting shooting pains down left arm - almost down the nerves - sometimes when I move in a certain way.   Had froz right shoulder about 3 years ago, followed by problem with cup and ball joint in right shoulder which was eventually sorted out by physio and acupunture -  Spoke to my BCN to see if the problem was linked to my mx surgery, and also mentioned that it felt like froz shoulder and that previously I’d had acupuncture which had worked but wasn’t sure that that would be allowed now cos of risk of lymphodema.   BCN advised me to get appt with my GP which I did - he thinks its froz shoulder possibly as a result of doing the post op exercises - thinks I might have overdone them and caused inflammation etc etc.  Given me different type of exercises to do and suggest I speak to hospital at my check up.  


So can anyone shed any light on this?


Also whilst I’m on, do the hot flushes and sweats ever reduce after time - been on tamoxifen for 5 months now, and feel as though I am melting much of the time!  

Hello JB I too am suffering from post operative shoulder problems, very similar to a frozen shoulder. I had a haematoma after surgery and after a period of doing the exercises, I was told to stop as it was causing more fluid to build up. Consequently I have dreadful trouble with pains in my shoulder and shooting down my arm , much as you describe. I was referred for a bone scan and this showed cervical spondylitis, so I have been having physio since September for shoulder, neck and back pain and this definitely helps. Also on painkillers 3x a day and have started yoga recently to see if that helps. Too early to say yet. My onc has also just taken me off Anastrazole for the second time as he thinks that it isn’t agreeing with me as it is known to aggravate / cause aching joints.
I have been off the Anastrazole for just over a week and have also just stopped all painkillers as I have been having IBS like symptoms for over a month which may or may not be linked to all the medication. Running in and out of the loo on tip of everything else!. I am just trying to eliminate possible triggers. However, without painkillers I am in a lot of pain. A bit of a wreck all round! And to think I was fit as a flea before the diagnosis!
I don’t really know what the answer is… I am starting to resign myself to living with it, as I can’t see much alternative. I have to take the hormone suppressing drug so am coming to terms with the side effects. I’m not sure how long taking painkillers is an option, and couldn’t manage without the physio, but hoping to alleviate symptoms with yoga.
Sorry I’m not much help - just wanted to say that you aren’t alone and send you a big hug.
I haven’t any experience of Tamoxifen, but many others on the forum do, so I expect they will be along soon to help on that one.
I feel b* ggering on is the only option as many others have worse to deal with, so onwards! onwards! Keep smiling and wear good lipstick! Xxx

Hi JB thanks for your lovely reply - you are certainly right about the tiredness being one of the worst parts of this - & you definitely aren’t a hypochondriac! The impact of this disease spreads far & wide and we end up with such a range of s/es afterwards.
So glad that your appointment went well and that you are taking positive steps to alleviate some of your discomfort. Good luck with that and the physio.
I’m sure before long, you will be feeling so much better.
All the best
SCBGirl xx

Hi there,


Sorry to hear you are struggling.  I didn’t have mx but wle and rads and then developed frozen shoulder.  Keep on at the team around you,  It is hard to figure out just how much to do the exercises isn’t it! Maybe there is a physio who has specialist training in shoulders in your area, it is worth asking, they do do that kind of thing and could come up with stuff that could help.  They used ultrasound on me, the onc was happy that it would not be a problem around the whole lympoedema thing.  As I said, ask questions of the team around you they want the best for you.


On the tamoxifen hot flush thing, all the literature says they should fade after about 6months so here’s hoping eh!


All the best,


Hi - I had a frozen shoulder about a year after my mastectomy.  On reflection I think this was probably caused by overdoing the exercises.  I’d never had shoulder problems previously.  I insisted on an orthopaedic referral and the orthopaedic surgeon was very understanding.  Once it was fully frozen i.e. very little movement, I had it manipulated under anaesthetic which was instantly successful so I’d thoroughly recommend this.  No recurrence of the frozen shoulder - thank goodness, the pain drove me crazy!




I would try having chiropractic treatment if your shoulder does not improve . It is very gentle and it worked for me . Tell your chiropractor about your previous treatment for breast cancer first ,obviously and they will use safe techniques . Make sure they are registered with the Chiropractic Association .