Fruit Picking

Anyone living in the South East near Lingfield/East Grinstead? It is an amazing year for fruit and our trees are absolutely laden (haven’t counted but well over 100!)

At the moment the Victoria plums are ripening fast, then there will be black bullace (a form of wild plum) which are excellent for jam making. We have mainly cooking apples which when fully ripe don’t need sugar added, also have few bramleys then a lot of different varieties of eating apples.

If any of you would like to drop in and help yourselves (involves picking them!!) you would be welcome. Coffee & tea and chat if you have time - and if you have even more time bring a picnic. We could arrange it on set days so you could meet others too. If you are interested pm me.

I don’t want payment for them but if anyone wanted to make a donation to our local hospice that would be nice.