Frustrated at slow progress

So told on Mon that I have BC. Had so much trouble getting MRI booked in, it takes me over 1 he to get to hospital so they book mine for 8 in the morning. Contacted my BCnurse twice to ask to switch it, both times told they would ring me back but didn’t. Now told tonight when I called for the 3rd time that it now 1st week inMarch so another week from original date.


Anyone had a good or bad experience with Kings Mill Mansfield Breast Clinic? Thinking of going to go and asking to switch or go private as I can cope with waiting. There is cancer in my body and I want it out.

Hi Raitchr. Don’t know kings mill, so can’t help there. One thing I wasn’t clear about in your post are you having a breast MRI or full MRI? If you do switch you will want to be clear why an MRI is being recommended, do you know why? I only mention as could make a difference if you did choose to go private.

Both breasts Mri with contrast