Hi all,

My situation is pretty minor compared to so many of you, but I am stll waiting for a 100% all clear and am feeling fed up with it dragging on.

On 19 July I went to the breast clinic to have a lump checked out, luckily the lump turned out to be nothing. They did however find microcalcifications on the other side. The doctor said cancer was a possibilty, amongst other things, but if it were it’s very early and very treatable. The follow up would be biopsy and I’d hear from them very soon. After NOT hearing from them I called the BCN who told me in fact they were looking to obtain a mammo I had done 10 yrs ago for comparison. They finally got it this week, but told me the other hospital sent it on a disc and it’s in the ‘wrong’ format. They’ve sent it to their techy guys to see if something can be done. If not they have to go through the whole process with the other hospital (a long way from where I am now).

The BCN told me the lesion is classified as M3, which is not particularly concerning. This is not how the doctor related it to me originally. I was under the impression an M3 only warranted a follow-up mammo anyway.

So confused at what seems to be conflicting info, and also wish I could draw a close to this.

Sorry to moan, I know I am making a fuss about nothing really, just want closure!

Any advice very welcomed :slight_smile:


Hi Bunnyfuller

This is unacceptable, and I’d be worried too. I would keep ringing your BCN and say that you are feeling very anxious about this. I had microcalcifications which usually are not serious, but mine were so you do need to know. I am unsure why they are looking at your mammos 10 years ago, but there must be a good reason for this? Sorry, I don’t know what M3 means!

Are you able to go back to the doctor who you saw originally to ask for clarification?

Good luck!


m3 means that from looking at the mammogram they are uncertain what the area is, but it has a potential to be a benign lump or it could be cancer, which is what i think you said the doctor told you.

it goes

"m1 - normal tissue

m2 - benign lesion

m3 - uncertain malignant potential

m4 - suspicious of malignancy (suggestive but not diagnostic)

m5 - malignant

I would say that they want the old mamogram because with breasts they are more interested in change. So if the same microcalcificatins were there 10 years ago with no new ones they would just keep an eye on it. But if there were some new areas then they would biopsy the new bit. If they did not have the previous scan then they might do biopsies of all the areas. Please be aware, I have no medical knowledge, just read into it alot.

it is frustrating waiting for them to find out what the microcalcifications are, but this type of thing is so slow growing that it is better to get all the information they can. There has been criticism of overdiagnosis and too many biopsies being taken for normal breast changes.

I am sure it is worth the messing about, but you must be tearing your hair out–did they say when the would know if you have to have another scan or not.

Thanks, both of you, nice to have someone to vent to!

They’ve said they may biopsy, may do follow-up mammos. It’s all rather vague news. Obviously they’re not terribly concerned, or they’d have moved faster.

For me, having mentioned ‘the’ word I just want to know which way we’re going. I’m now just over a week away from going down to Cornwall with my husband and 2 little girls so don’t anticipate being any the wiser until after that.


Well, 6.30 this evening moved it all forward - BCN called and said they wanted to go ahed with biopsies on the 2 clusters of microcalcifications - news to me there’s 2 and that it’s clusters. I have to call tomorrow to book the appt. asap.

So of course tonight I am more worried again.

Thanks for reading my meanderings!


oh no, sorry to hear that. I hope they get an appointment soon so this whole thing can move forward and you are not left waiting to know what is happening. Its such a worrying time when the steps follow the normal routing, but you have realy been messed about.

you must be beside yourself with worry and frustration

big cyber hug hurling your way

Hi all,

so it’s full steam ahead now, biopsies Friday morning.

Any hints/tips for a stereotactic biopsy gratefully received. Would it be bad form to drink vodka DURING?!

Joking aside, this isn’t much fun, is it?

wow just googled it. Very high tech stuff. But hopefully because its more accurate than a normal scan it wont take long for them to get the sample and it will be no worse than a normal biopsy.Hopefully someone who has had one will be along to reassure you.

Friday is not too far away is it? Gin the night before sounds a great idea.


I had this type of biopsy done on an area they could not get to with the fine needle. I was sat in a chair and my boob was clamped in the machine. There was then a screen which the xray? came up on so the radiographer could see more clearly were to biopsy. It was not painful but uncomfortable as the boob was clamped and I couldn’t move it didn’t help that they were all having a conversation around me about were to biopsy which seemed to take forever!!!

Good luck
Jill x x x

Evening all,

Biopsies all done, thanks for your hugs and support. It wasn’t too bad, just very long and uncomfortable!

The radiologist said one area looks pretty innocent, the other (behind the nipple) a little more concerning.

So, we’ll just wait and see. I am off to Cornwall on Weds with my family to visit Mum and Dad, so will have a different focus.

Thanks again :slight_smile: