FTAO Oldandlumpy..

Just a quicky.
What happened in the end regarding your op, gel nails and the gas man?

(That sounds wrong!)

I’m just curios. (Nosey!) :o)


My BC nurse said she had asked around and had mixed answers but it it were her she would leave them on. i was already worried that things would go wrong with getting sedation before the SNB injection so decided I did not need more stress if she was wrong so went to get them removed. the girl was lovely and did not charge me.

when i got down to theatre i asked the gas girl if she would have minded and she said no of course not, then her boss came in, much older gas man and when she mentioned it he blew up and said of course he would not have proceeded if he could not see my nails.

so I did the right thing. He was a pussy cat though, when i said i was scared of needles he gave me some gas whilst they injected me.

Wow, thats something I am going to take notice of next time I have a general. THe man who put my canula in last time was so rough and I can quite honestly say it was the worse needle I have ever had put in, next time I am going to ask for Gas too! Thanks O And L, for that information.

SGL xx

I wish Id just been put out via the needle he went too then idicated with a nod to someone behind me that my heart rate rocketted next thing I knew I was being gassed & wasn’t happy as this is what made me so sick as it has done in previous opps & THEY knew this as they were gassing me he told me it was just oxygen BUT IT WASN’T cos the nurse said you’ll feel all woozing in a mo

I complained the next day not that it helped

when i said i was worried about the needle they said --we can gas you to put you out instead but you will not recover well or we can give you a bit of gas so you will not worry about the needle. I do vaguely remeber the needle going in but did not give a stuff about it.

Glad it went OK.
I don’t mind needles, but gas, erghhhh!