full hysterectomy

hi all, well, i am going in on the 18th of december to have my cervex, ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes removed, i have to go back on tamoxifen for 2 weeks after the 6th of december as the gyni didn’t want to give me another injection of zoladex, then, when i’ve had the op i will go onto arimidex, so fingers crossed that i’m ok on that, i am so happy to be getting rid of all these organs, at least i’ll only go through the menopause once now!!!


Hi Alison thats good that your gyni agreed to you having a hysterectomy. I know that you are quite a bit younger then me, but you won’t regret it. I felt so relieved when they took all my bits out. As there was a question mark over the cyst on one of my overies, so my consultant thought it was best to be on the safe side and got me in hospital quick. That was back in Febuary. Yours is very close to Christmas. Will you have to stay in hospital over Christmas? I was in a week, then 6 weeks off work.
I will be thinking of you
Did you recieve my private message I sent about a week ago. I only put Alison on it, so I don’t know if it went through or not.
Take care



Hi Alison

Just wanted to say good luck on the 18th - will be thinking about you.

I am going in for mastectomy on 10th so hopefully will be home before you go in - all being well.

Take care

Hi Cynthia, no, i didn’t get your message, you have to put my full username on, hope your feeling a little better, and if i’m in over xmas i don’t mind, at least my life will be hopefully a lot better xxxxxxxxx And Sparkler, thank you so much for your good wishes, and i’ll be thinking about you on the 10th, please believe me when i say its not too bad, but do make sure you grieve the loss properly, i often wish i had taken a photograph of mine before it went, but i can always ask my surgeon for a photograph as i have been photographed more often then any model for the Sun!!! all the very best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lots of love


Thank you alison

I really dont know how I am going to come to terms with it - I get weepy every time I think about not having 1 boob. I hadnt thought of taking a photo - dont know if that would make me feel worse. I just know I am going to need professional help after - I just cant imagine life without 1 boob - and I know that sounds vain - cos its that or my life at the end of the day!

Love and hugs to you


All the best for your op. I know what you mean with regards to getting rid. I need more cervical treatment but haven’t been able to have it all year due to this here cancer & now I have a mastectomy looming so will be delayed even longer.Grrr!

I too am booked in for the 18th Dec but have now been offered an immediate reconstruction in the new year instead. Only problem is will have to wait til possibly May til I get the op because they’re so busy in the plastic surgery dept. I’m really quite cross that they ever mentioned that option to me because I’ve been told now that if I have to wait til May there’s a risk more tumours may sprout up. I got so excited about having just 1 op (1 stay in hospital, 1 recovery, skin saving, never having to have just 1 boob) & now it looks like I’m having to go back to the 2 op procedure (+ reduction to good breast making it 3 ops)

Am so mixed up about it all now. Like Sparkler, not sure how to face having boob removed. Gonna hate being lopsided (am a G-cup).

Hope it all goes well for you

Hi Alison, Yes silly me forgot to put your user name! I’d written you a nice long message as well. I am feeling lot better then I was thanks, While I was at the Docs last week I asked for some anti depressants just to help me cope with everything that I was going through at the moment. Its not just health. Its work, family and personal stuff as well. Anyway shes given a months supply then I’ve got to go back to see her.
I also feel better on the Aromasin then I did on Tamoxifen. I have had a reduction in hot flushes and they are nowhere as severe as they were. Strangly I still get the night sweats! my legs and feet don’t get so achy either which is a bonus
. Mind you I have nothing to moan about when I read about a lot of the other ladies experiences plus yours as well.and what you are all going through with your treatments etc… My thoughts are with you, take care,

All the best to you other ladies too with your coming ops,

Lots of love,



i really think we all have quite bad effects and thats just from being diagnosed!!! just been told by my bc nurse that i don’t have to take the tamoxifen for the two weeks leading up to my surgery, god, i am so relieved as i dreaded going back on that for even a short time! going to france on wednesday night for four days, so never know, hubby might get an early xmas present, cos he certainly won’t get anything after the 18th of december!!! lol

love to you all


Nice one Alison, you go for it girl! I hope that you have a great time in France, you deserve it. I hope hubby makes the most of your early Christmas pressie to him!!! lol

When I went for my accessment prior to my hysterectomy, the nursing sister that I saw, never told me to stop taking my tamoxifen at all. But she told me to stop taking the herbal supplements that I was taking, such as, garlic, cod liver oil etc…
When I checked the Tam leaflet after my op. I read that you should stop taking it 6 weeks before any operation!!!




well my zoladex runs out on the 6th so i am so looking forward to feeling halfway normal if even for such a short time, that was bad on the behalf of the nursing sister, think its cos post op you need a bit of oestrogen in your body to help you cope better with the op, not sure, but thats the only reason i can think of, yet the gyni never said a word about that, it was him that said that i had to take it for two weeks, anyway, just glad for the break, and hopefully feeling better, how are you doing anyway Cynthia, are the anti-depressants working yet?

lots of love


I think they are starting to take effect now, though I’ve been told they can take up to 2 weeks to kick in. I’m still fretting about things though. I find I feel worse first thing in the morning, then I feel better as day goes on.

I find it strange that the only time the hospital staff told me not to take the Tamoxifen was the day after the op!!! Just one day!!! I wouldn’t have minded a break. I don’t want you worry with your op coming up, but after mine even 9 months down the line I’ve felt more tired and achy. I put it down to a total depletion of oestrogen. Though since I’ve changed to Aromasin I def don’t get so many hot flushes as I did on Tam. I also don’t get so much stiffness in my legs and feet either. The only worry that I have on it, is the increased risk of osteoporosis. I will have a chat about it with my GP when I next see her.
Anyway Alison, in case I’m not on here tomorow, as got busy day at work :frowning: I hope that you have a great time in france, take care,

Lots of love,



I intend to Cynthia, i am so looking forward to some quality time with my husband, he works so hard at the moment that we are like passing ships in the night, so i am going to be nice and cheerful (something that does not come as naturally as it once did) and just enjoy our being together, god knows when we’ll get away again!!! and thank you for your lovely words, i don’t expect to see the last of the stiffness in my joints, but at least i’ll only go through the menopause once, thats all i want for now. you take care, i’m about till about 9pm on wednesday, as we’re getting the 4am ferry to dunkirk, so hope to talk to you before then. and don’t work too hard, make time for yourself xxxxxxxxxx

lots of love