Full mastectomy with DIEP surgery- thought my story might help others, particularly slim women

Back in March last year (2016) I went through the full proceedure of having my left breast removed, followed immediately by DIEP surgery. This is where my tummy skin was removed and was inserted into the place where my breast had been taken away. The whole surgery lasted approx. around 8 hours. Although a very difficult and incredibly challenging operation and recovery, I look back at that time feeling glad that I had everything done all at once.  


  The main reason for my post today, is because at the time I was going through it all, I was desperately searching for posts from people who may have had concerns about their build when deciding on whether to embark on this type of operation. I also needed some reassurance that I will eventually stand up straight during my recovery period.  I am of quite a slim build and only had some tummy skin due to having had my two children.  If I had had someone tell me they were okay at the end of recovery, it would have saved me quite a lot of extra unneeded worry and anxiety.  

  Many people that I had spoken to at the time had said that they were standing up much straighter by about 2 weeks after the operation, yet I was still bent over with limited stretch!  My standing recovery time was 4 weeks and I am sure that for some women, it could be a little more. Please do not worry and give yourself time. I am now over a year down the line, I’m back working full time as a teacher, I excerise at least twice a week and look the picture of health! Let’s just say, there are Yoga stretches that I can’t do, but I can stand completely straight, with some slight backward cool down stretches under my belt! 


I hope that for some, this has helped.


Take care! Sending you all best wishes X

Hello sunshine, sorry for your problems, but I’m not sure if you realise that you have posted your query in the Secondaries section of the Forum. I think you probably want the Going Through Treatment section. There will probably be someone there who can be of more help.


Good luck.


Hugs. Barton.x