Full (TAH) Hysterectomy 25th May!!

Hello Ladies

It’s been a few months since I last visited this site but I had my appointment come through on Friday for my TAH…a week tomorrow! (nothing like giving me notice!)

The thought of it is worrying me. I know I’ve made the right decision (BC at 32, trp neg, family history of Ovarian cancer (not BC!)) but I only just feel as though I’m getting back to being myself a year post treatment. I guess that although I want the op so that I don’t have to worry about Ovarian cancer, I also don’t want to be ‘ill’ again and can’t stand the idea of being in pain for a few weeks or not being able to lift my small children for 3 months.

Anyway, as always I think this site is great so I was wondering if anyone had experience of a TAH and could offer some advice?

Thanks Ladies


Hi Faye, I had TAH because I had cancer, before being diagnosed with BC. My children where 4 and 8. I was in hospital for about a week and wasnt allowed to lift anything heavier than a kettle for while. The turning point for me was at six weeks when I started feeling so much better.

I am fully recovered now and am glad that it has been done, and im sure you will feel the same in a few months time when its all over and you can feel safe knowing the threat of ovarian cancer has gone.

Good luck with the surgery.


I am recovering from a TAH and removal of ovaries due to large fibroids and endimetrosis. I was diagnosed with BC and had a mastectomy April 2010 and had hysterectomy March 2011 just as i was getting back to normal.
I had little pain and am now starting to feel better. I was in hospital for 9 days (due to complications) and they advise against lifting for a while, they also said to rest a lot for the first couple of weeks then slowly build yourself up.

Hope all goes well



Well, I had my surgery nearly 2 weeks ago now and am doing OK. The op didn’t go quite to plan - one op turned into 3 within 12 hours due to external bleeding and then severe internal bleeding (turns out it was the same source and my blood wasn’t clotting!). Anyway, after that I recovered quite quickly to a point that they told me I could go home a day earlier than originally planned :slight_smile:

Now just resting at home and hoping that I continue to recover quickly as I hate not being able to lift my beautiful girls.

I can’t remember though - does removal of ovaries reduce the risk of breast cancer also??