funding for zometa

Has anyone had to wait for the hospital to obtain funding for zometa, im asking on behalf of my mum who is worried sick that because there isnt funding there is no chance of receiving this treatment and has no idea how long Shes got !? She hasnt been given any information on whats next, thanks

If your mum has bone mets, Zometa is standard treatment, so shouldn’t require special funding.

If your mum doesn’t know what her treatment plan is and is worrying herself sick, give her BC nurse and/or onc a call to find out what’s going on.

Hope you both get reassurance and an effective treatment plan soon. xx

You do not say what treatment plan your Mum is on and what she is actually been dx with.Zometa is as Angelfalls says a standard treatment for strengthening the bones.Your best plan is to speak to her BCN or give the helpline a ring.As for prognosis there is no magic formula for that,none of us are really sure…including the medics.

L xx

I have bone mets, but unlike most ladies, I am on daily ibandronic acid tablets instead of zometa infusions. I wasn’t told this was due to funding and am pretty sure my bones are strengthening on the tablets.

Hi thank you all for replying, her treatment plan was a tablet form of chemo as the intravenous chemo was too strong, she had a scan and her lungs were stable but thecancer effecting her bones had got worse. Doctor s said they would change her treatment to zometa. But when she arrived at hospital they said they didn’t have the funding to give her the treatment and to come back in two weeks. previously either radio therapy or chem has been the treatment but the zometa is something new and were unsure and worried as we have little information. Hopefully after talking to the Macmillan nurse or onc we might get some answer s, im just not sure whereto turn if the hospital is denied the funding.


I have bone mets and was diagnosed the end of February. I have had one session of radiotherapy on my spine and am on Tamoxifen. I started Zomita 2 weeks ago and have a plan to have 6 sessions, i per month.
Best wishes to your mum, I don’t think she’ll have a problem getting Zomita.

Mel if they are ‘denied’ the funding for zometa there are other bisphosphonates like pamidronate which is also an intravenous one lke zometa, or there is the tablet form which amysmum is on. They all work perfectly well. Is no-one going with your mum to her appointments? Why not have a word with your macmillan nurse who will probably speak to the hospital to find out what is going on. It sounds to me like there is some confusion. Is it possible for someone to go with your mum to appointments?


Thanks dawn, my dad goes with her but the doctors but thats all they said, hopefully today we shall find more out, thanks

Does anyone know about Arubin? After looking into this further this is what requires funding. Thanks

Hi mel,
Ii think the chemo drug you mean is eribulin. Then the request for funding makes sense :slight_smile: there is plenty of info on this site:
It is a very expensive drug I believe and application does have to be made for funding.
if you type in the name of the drug in the search box at the top of the page there was a thread started last year by those who were on this chemo.