Fundraising events on the forums

Fundraising events on the forums

Fundraising events on the forums It must be the time of year; the numbers of posts advertising fundraising events for breast cancer charities on the forums has gone up sharply in the last month or so.

Obviously these events are very important, and we want you to say what you are doing and swap experiences. However, there is a danger that these messages can overwhelm other threads on the forums and detract from the essence of the forums as a place where people affected by breast cancer can support and help each other.

Therefore we are starting a new thread, entitled ‘your fundraising events and experiences’ and would ask that if you want to post anything about a fundraising event you post it only here.

We would also ask that no professional fundraisers post here, it is purely for people affected by breast cancer. We will not allow direct appeals for sponsorship or links to other sites which are purely for sponsorship purposes.

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