Hi everyone, just wanted to say my friends and family have been busy raising awareness for this great cause doing various runs/walks etc and I myself sponsored my hair for charity and had it all cut off - took control before it fell out, and my onc advised me to “sell” my hair which I did and have given to charity but I have a webpage for sponsoring my hair and have raised some money online but for the monies i have received off line in chqs and money I am wondering if anyone knows the address of where to send it or whom i can contact re getting bank details of where to pay it in. I know i can phone the helpline but i just wanted to raise awareness of this and how well it has gone, really boosts ones faith in human nature. You can find my page on Just Giving Sharon Melanie Gur
Cheers and love and positive thoughts for everyone, and thanks for this fab site Shar xxxxxxxxxx

'Phone the Help-line or send an email to BCC. They are very helpful.