Funeral Expo!

Believe it or not, there is a national funeral exhibition and we’ve just missed it!! The website is
You can download the manual of exhibitors on there, and see the layout from this year, e.g. companies like ‘ecoffins’ tho’ I’m not sure why the event included a petanque competition!- I suppose even funeral directors have to switch off and have a bit of fun sometimes…
I couldn’t download it just now, but that’s probably me.
Those of us who are still up to it next year could arrange a coach trip…
love Jacquie x

You do make me laugh! I really like the sound of a bunch of cranky ‘terminally’ ill women turning up to choose their funerals. Sounds as though it would make a great film! Better put the date in my diary for next year - bags me sit on the back seat.


Oh b??**! Have just checked the site and there isn’t one next year - we have to wait until 2011! Hope we can last that long!! And I am definitely on the back seat too…

Kay x

will just have to make sure i can get to the 2011 one. If I can sit at the back I’ll bring the maltesers. I have a picture in my mind of a group of raucus women carrying trying to stuff rainbow coloured cardboard coffins into the coach…


This is one of the best threads I have seen. May join you girlies on the jolly day out. We could check sizes and see if the colours suit…

Love to you all

ooohhh, maybe they do a paint your own version! book me on the coach too! xc

Well I am soooo relieved you took it well. After I’d posted I hardly dared come on here as I was sure I would have upset someone and thought I should maybe have ‘hidden’ it in an existing end of life thread. Glad you resonate with the same crazy sense of humour.
2011 sounds a heck of a long time away. Shall we contact them and see if they can do an urgent interim expo?!
Jacquie x

Please count me in on the 2011!!What a great day out!! I will bring the champagne and caviar…or just put your order in girls and I will supply!!

Hi all

I think this is hilarious! I’ll have a seat on that coach as well, please.

Jennywren - absolutely love the idea of it being a film … something along the lines of Calendar Girls springs to mind.

Or a bestselling book. Come on, someone, get writing!

Alison x

I’m sorry I missed this thread earlier and even more sorry I missed the expo! Sounds like a really fun day out :wink: Put me down for the 2011 event and the coach journey sounds great. Ok, on the theme of this expo - what would your (outrageous) coffin design be? I think a bright red one would be nice with a ‘knock, knock’ joke printed on the lid! The answer, in more ways than one, would be on the inside ha ha.
Nicky x

the only thing i can say to this thread is lol, lol, lol, i certainly did x save me a seat !

I saw the friend who told me about the exhibition earlier today and he got me a few leaflets (haven’t seen them yet). On the subject of jokes, apparently you can get a cardboard coffin with cartoons printed on…
Who are the creative writers out there? always wanted to be in a film.

I live next door to an artist and have asked her to paint my coffin to tell a story of my life. I am known for my dinner parties so the top could be a messy table. Silver candles and all. Plus my love of shoes, but don’t want to give it all away.
Book me on the coach trip I’ll bring the scones and cream.
Love Debsxxx

Hi Debs,
love your new photo, by the way! When did it all happen?

Hi Jacksy,
that was 21/6/04 just after being told I had secondary bc I had had my 1st dose of fec we married on the Monday and on the Wed I was bald!
Poor Ian I seem to have been bald for most of our married life. Put th picture on to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.
Love Debsxxx

Of course - I knew that! It had just slipped out of my brain for a moment…
Big congratulations

Yes Alison, Something like Calendar Girls. But please, can we keep our clothes on? Otherwise it would become some bizarre arthouse movie…