funny little bumps on head!

funny little bumps on head!

funny little bumps on head! Now I can see my hair is slowly re-growing coz I have a 5 o’clock shadow on my head! Also it feels softer. Yesterday I noticed tiny little pin prick type lumps all over my head. Are these folicles about to erupt with hair?!

They are not painful but look and feel odd. I have been putting aquaous cream on to see if that helps but no change today.

Any thoughts? And can I speed up the process? The biggest most depressing thing about this illness has been the hair loss and I can’t wear wigs, I hate them.


Loseing my hair was by far the worst part of the treatment. I had birthmarks over most of my face which I had lasered off just a few years before the BC.When all my hair went I was surpised to find that I had them all over my head as well!.. It looked as if someone had emptyed a pot of paint over my head! I’d never have found that out if hadn’t lost my hair - lucky it all came back though!!