funny taste

i am experiening a horrid taste in my mouth had it 4 2days taste like a chewed up asprin stook in my mouth had tax 6 days ago was wondering did anyone else have this i have been eating strong flavoured food and sweets its just not goin any feedback is welcome

Hi Elaine

I think you will find that most of us that had Tax also had the horrid taste. For me I had it the whole way through all of my 4 Tax.I found that an awful lot of foods tasted really’wrong’Unfortunately I put on weight because I kept tasting all sorts of things to try and find something normal. It was the stronger flavours that seemed to get past the tax tastebuds.

Good Luck


Me too, all the way through chemo - I found it the worst thing about Tax. The only meal that I could taste was roast chicken - everything else was vile. And anything even slightly spicy burned my mouth - even ketchup which I thought I could use to disguise the taste. I’m not aware of anything you can do about it - just one of those horrible things about chemo that you have to be patient with - it will go eventually.

yep the first two weeks of Tax my mouth was horrid, couldn’t get rid of the ‘taste’ and ‘texture’ in my mouth. food tasted of nothing and very unappetizing - the only thing I could actually taste was ice cream (the coldness of it) and tinned tomoetoes with lots of pepper! and I lived on that for days… I can’t tolerate dairy at all as although I can’t taste it - it leaves a sour after taste which makes me feel sick… I have lost a lot of weight(which isn’t a bad thing for me) most people put it on!

thanks ladies unfortunatley my weight is maintaing due to me trying alsorts of nibbles will try the chicken and toms ill keep you posted

Yep me too-really nasty-I couldnt stomach dairy at all not even milk in tea.I found very cold sparkling water was ok and so was water with lime juice.I could eat pineapple and strong tasting foods-curries,chilli etc I also liked grilled bacon and tomatoes.It does pass eventually but comes back each cycle and can last for weeks :frowning: