Furry face!

I noticed that post chemo the hair on my face (and I mean all my face!) is growing at a faster rate than the hair on my head. Having mentioned it casually to my OH tonight he said - I wasn’t sure you were aware that you had a lot of hair on your face! Like you don’t notice when you look in the mirror that you’ve developed Elvis sideburns!! I’m sure Fluffychick said she’d had the same. Some women in chemo have said they’ve shaved but I’m scared I’ll end up looking like George Michael after a rough night on the tiles. Anyone else experienced the same and what did you do please! X

My breast friend had this but it disapeared after a few months,i finished chemo4wks ago so havent yet got the furry face,or head hair…Xsarahx

As if we haven’t got enough to contend with!!

I think it’s a bit like lanugo on very little babies, it calms down and drops off after a while. Or so I’ve heard.

I’m still in the middle of chemo at the moment so I suppose I’ll just have to wait to find out, but I’ve been very disappointed to have to get the tweezers onto several dark bristles on my chin that I’d had before which have decided to grow, even during chemo. Not fair!

Time to start worrying when I’m out in the garden howling at the moon!!

I think there’s another thread sonewhere on here on this subject. Will probably end up looking like father Christmas. Yet another indignity.

Mixed views, some say leave it alone and it will go whilst others advocate shaving/waxing. I’ve been told if it gets really bad you can be referred for laser treatment. Really strange though - it was either there before and I had such long head hair I didn’t notice or it’s a new side effect of the lovely chemo treatment!

Oh lovely, first we get the Matt Lucas lookie likie then it’s Grandad from Only Fools and Horses. Might look into those drapey neck things that mediaeval women used to wear.

Hi Everyone

I have (had) quite dark hair and have always had a battle with facial hair, bushy eyebrows, upper lip and a few chin hairs, so this is a real blow to find that I may have even more once I finish chemo.

Has anyone had success with threading?

DaisyGirl xx

I’ve had threading on my legs on a beach in Cambodia. Two lovely girls, one on each leg. It took them about half an hour and cost about £1. The results were amazing. They get every tiny tiny hair out. After waxing you’re always left with a few hairs but this cleared away everything and it lasted for ages. I think it’s worth a go. Take painkillers before and it should be ok. Lots of Asian women get their whole bodies done, hreaded or sugared.

Thanks for this Hipchick, I think I need to start a fund for all the teatments, creams and potions I am going to need once all this is over, I am showing more interest in all this at 52 than I did when i was 25!

Hi there

My last chemo was 6 weeks ago and I’ve just looked in the mirror to check my furry face and am pleased to report it has disappeared, it has amused my teenage daughters for a few weeks, but it’s now gone.


Hi Rachel

This is great news (for you and for us)!!!

DaisyGirl xx

Hi Rachel, pleased to hear that yours has gone. I’m 11 weeks post chemo and it’s not showing any signs of shifting so far! Thank god it’s light and fluffy - not dark and hairy!! Xx