Gap between Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

I am just about to start a 6 cycle course of FEC chemo, which supposedly will take 18 weeks to complete, followed by 3 or 4 weeks of rads. My Oncologist said there would be a 6 week gap between Chemo finishing and rads starting…however, I am a little worried because I have a 3 week holiday booked which starts right about the time I would expect to be starting rads.
I am setting my sights on being able to go on holiday with my family…something to look forward to.
Does anybody know it its ok to delay rads for such a long time?..It would end up being 11 or 12 weeks after my last chemo?

Sue xx


I would speak to your onc and ask his advice…In my experience Ive found they are more than happy to fit round holidays etc. It just depends on your case I suppose.

I finished my chemo on 13th November and dont start my rads till 4th March…they let me have Christmas off and I had a mx in Jan…so I suppose everyones treatment plans are different.

Good luck with the chemo…although it doesnt feel like it when your having it…looking back it actually flew by!

Love Sal xx

I do agree with salsal: speak to your onc and explain how important your holiday is to you.
I’m sure he will try to arrange your treatment to fit in with your plans.

I do know they like to get on with the chemo as soon as poss after surgery but the rads are
more flexible.

My onc even agreed to a 4 week gap in my chemo schedule between FEC and Tax so that I could visit my family in Kenya- so do speak to your doctor and I’m sure he’ll be sympathetic.

The other thing to bear in mind is that although it is hoped that you will have the 6 cycles of FEC like clockwork and finish in 18 weeks, this doesn’t always happen as there may be reasons why you have to delay any of them. Mine took 19 weeks as I had a minor chest infection on the day I was due to have the 3rd FEC so it was delayed a week, but others do experience more delay if their blood counts are too low for example.

I’d echo what the others say and ask your onc.


Hi everybody.

Thanks for the replies. When I saw my oncologist on monday, she did say that it was important that I have the holiday in August with my family, especially as my son is still at school so we couldn’t go during term time. At the time, however, she wasn’t looking for me to start chemo for another 2 or 3 weeks which would have lessened the time dealy between chemo and rads.
I will, of course, ask her about it next time I see her, but I just wanted to ask on here if anybody had had a long gap between the two, and if it was very important.

Sue xx