Gaps between treatments...when is it too much

Hi All

I’ve had secondaries in bone,liver and lung since December 2009 and since then have had Docetaxol (Dec-May) and then a gap May-March 2010 (10 months gap). Then it was Capecitabine March-August (6 months gap). I’m now on weekly Paclitaxol February 2012 which after 2cycles appears not to be working I’ve had a scan this week and will find out Thursday the news. My liver is very swollen, looking pregnant and I fear that its beginning to be a more difficult task to manage. The next line of attack is Eribulin but I was hoping to have that in the bag for later down the line.

I guess my question is when does the gap between treatments get to the point where you think is this worth it…what’s the balance and how do you sort your head out to manage the balance?

Di X

Hi Di, just want to bump this up for you as a really interesting question. Im on a chemo break at the moment, 3 months so far… Scan results tomorrow will dictate the next stage!!

Any thoughts anyone??

Sadie Xx Xx

Hi all

Good question! I’m on a trial that includes vinerolbine at the mo which can continue indefinately as long as it’s working, I’ve had a build up of SEs and as having a few weeks off, I was thinking about what happens if I have to change and will I ever have a chemo free life again! I suppose it’s getting the balance right - quality of life together with effective treatment. It will be interesting to find out from others any advice/experience to know which questions to ask etc to get the best set up for you and not neccessarily for the clinic etc.

Good luck today Di, hope its positive news for u.


Hi Di,

Sorry that you are in this dilemma. It’s really difficult to find the balance, isn’t it?

My Capecitabine (3rd chemo) stopped working middle of March this year, so it has been stopped and I’ve had no treatment since. The scans indicated that I’ll need an op on my spine due to partially collapsed C7. I saw a specialist surgeon about 2 weeks and have agreed to do the op. But I still haven’t heard anything about a date. After the op, I have to wait for a month to continue my treatment (vineroline. fudge, didn’t know you can have it indefinitely!). I’m going to start chasing this afternoon if I don’t get any post today. What with all the bank holidays, I’ve no idea how much longer I have to wait until I hear something from the surgeon or his secretary.

I was actually enjoying this “little” chemo break. Since I was dx’ed in June, 2009. It has really been non stop, either on chemo or hormonal treatment. But now, just starting to get a bit worried that I’m going to give BC too much time to come back during my recovery time from the op… and try not to worry… what if I have complication after the op:-(… So I can totally understand where you are coming from.

My liver mets is still undetectable from the latest scan, lung still clear, so I guess, bones mets and nodes / glands can’t cause too much trouble. But have been on morphine and co-codamol for quite a while because of the partially collapsed C7, so really would like things to move on a bit.

I’d say keep an eye on your liver (maybe blood test or something like that). My onc took very swift action when my liver mets was dx’ed. So much so that it made me panic!! I’m not sure it did any good, but, hey, who knows, it might be because of it, my liver mets are still undetectable!

Whatever decision you make, hope you will be on some treatment soon and less worried.

M xx