Hi Ladies,
Well I am not gay either having been married for 26 yrs, but needless to say how ignorant are those people who have given such rude and shallow comments. Breast Cancer does not only affect married Ladies it goes across the board Ladies Men etc. Unfortunately it affects all and does not take into consideration religion colour size etc.
I am glad to hear you have been treated with kindness and respect from your medical team.
I was originally dx in feb 06, have been through my chemo rads and herceptin and if I can be of any use to you then pls do let me know. Just a friendly chat, I would pop round for a coffee but live no-where near Burnley - just to say Jane I am in Essex and hopefuly those rude people were in the minority. Good luck with all your treatments and If you need any advice just ask. We all at times need a shoulder so if you just fancy a chat pls feel free
Take care

Hi ladies
Thanks for all your kind comments and hope your all all hanging in there!

Had a fab day yesterday out with friends one of whom has a fab wee 1year old called maia! Sent lots of text messagesto my friends saying what a fab time i was having then… woke up this morning and the bubble burst again! can’t stand the waiting anymore - realy tearful, angry, desperate… now really need a date for my surgery! I’ll fone tomorrow and pester the life out of them!
Take care

Ali x