GemCarbo - info please


My large TNBC laughed in the face of FEC-T and just got bigger. Now I am facing GemCarbo. My other thread “triple negative - chemo before and after mastectomy?” gives more detail but, basically, my Onc strongly recommended it despite the fact that there is no evidence of spread or secondaries at the moment. I am feeling pretty desperate and upset about starting chemo again so soon. I would really like to hear about how others have coped, what side effects you had and what prescriptions (or other stuff) helped when you had side effects. I am fed up with not knowing what I don’t know and finding out that something could have been done after the event.


Hi Cressida

Whilst you await replies from your fellow users you are welcome to call our helpline to talk this through with one of our team, they may be able to direct you to further support too

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