gemcitabine and hair loss

I was warned that some hair loss might happen on gemcitabine but I seem to be losing an awful lot. It is a good job when my hair grew back from FEC and Taxotere, it came back so very thick or else I owuld have bald spots now.
Has anybody here lost much hair on this one.
Wondering whether I should have posted this on the secondary thread as I don’t think many people have gemcitabine for primaries very much. Moderator - please feel free to move this thread if more appropriate.

hi kate

i had four cycles of gemcitabine and four ec. i lost all my hair on second cycle of gemcitabine.
take care


I had 4 lots of gemcitabine + carboplatin for a different cancer and barely noticed any hair loss. Was told it might thin but this was hardly noticeable.