Gene test nerves

Hello just wanted someone to talk to , who understands. I usually talk to My older sister about things but she herslef is the one in the family that had ovarian cancer and every time I try and speak to her I either say the wrong thing or make her sad. She is now in recovery but during this we found out that 4 aunts on my dads side had ovarian cancer and breat cancer. I went to see the genetics councillor alone…(i prefer to dothings alone…I dont break down) after being told all the information and possible outcomes…I went home and booked in to have the blood test to discover if I am a carrier of the gene. It was arranged for the next day…great I thought…then The next morning I sat outside the surgery and convinced myself I couldnt do it! I mean if I have the test and am posiitive there are big dicisions to be made…and it terrifies me. A hystorectomy I can deal with I am 38 and had all my children , 4 of them…but a double mastectomy really does scare Me. I have os many questions in my head. I know I may not even carry the gene but its the realisation that I might…and what lies ahead. It sounds silly but I love my breasts…always have done …they are a nice handful as my hubby tells me…I keep hearing of horror stories and people that are not happy with the reconstructions. I also love my sex life its a big part of my marriage and very important to me …do reconstructed breasts have the same sensations as normal ones…will I feel the same…I start thinking like this and then think how shallow of me…but i cant help it…its driving me insane…anyway I have booked in for the blood test nownext week…I pray I am not a carrier, but if I am Its just nice and reassuring to know there are others out there…My hubby is very understanding but I dont think men really understand how it feels…

Hi there,

I can understand your worry and fear but I feel you’re moving a little to fast here. Firstly has your sister or any other family member tested positive for a BRCA gene? if not and you haven’t had cancer then I don’t know why you are being offered testing… Secondly it doesn’t sound to me as though you’ve had sufficient counselling from genetics to help you make any informed decisions. In the event you do have a mutation of one of the BRCA genes you may be offered bilateral mastectomy but its an option not a done thing. I have a BRCA mutation, I’ve had breast cancer but I haven’t had bilateral mastectomy. its something I may consider in the future when I feel ready but its not something I will rush into. I get very good screening and care from my breast clinic and that will be offered to you if you are deemed to be high risk. Ovarian screening should be offered to you in light of your family history and that is something I think you should push for. I think you need to think about the consequences of ovary removal at your age. Make a list of all your concerns and questions and go back to genetics and discuss them all before proceeding any further with testing. good luck x