General anaesthetics

i remember feeling a bit sick as i woke up but it did not last long and I did not actually vomit. gosh thats tomorrow now, good luck!

Good luck, icare11, I hope you don’t fret too much about it all. Most people cope extremely well with GA, and the anaesthetists have lots of things they use to prevent people from feeling or being sick afterwards, so they’ll do their best for you.

icare - I’ve had loads of GAs and have never been or felt sick afterwards, nor has anyone I know. It’s not the norm.

Remember that some folk “cheat” on the ‘nil by mouth after xx hours’ thing!

i think my previous GA sickness may have been due to the morphine based stuff i was given. I stick rigidly to the nil by mouth. When i came home i was given co-codamol which i think is morphine based but im not sure, to take for pain & after 2 days i started feeling really nauseous & almost vomited (that was apart from the constipation they cause!) So i did wonder if i was maybe sensitive to any opiate/morphine based drugs. I think i’ll have to ask what i was given at the last GA to make sure i get that again if i ever need it, would be handy to know. x

yes i seem to remember seeing posts on here about people having problems with morphine. i know i dont have a problem. I once had a serious pelvic infection that they could not operate on till the infection had reduced, I was in pain for days. My husband insisted on one of those self administered morphine drips–it was wonderful. They were worried i would get addicted, but he just saw what i was going through and said–i’ll pay for a re-hab, just get her through it.

sorry that is digressing. Talk to your aneasthetist, i was amazed on my op how much input i had about what was going to be given to me. I am sure i read that people have reported their previous problem with morphine and the gas man has changed what he gave them. And yes people on my ward that were taking morphine post operativly were also taking laxatives. does not seem to have that effect on me.

I am a complete baby when it comes to pain but i realy did not need pain killers after my little op ( 2 inch tumor and snb) i took the paracetmol because they were worried the pain killer given during the operation would wear off, but only one dose and after that i never needed anything.

Hi all,

Two previous GA were no problem at all for me so I was surprised that I woke up after my WLE feeling so sick. I was given an anti nausea injection which seemed to do the trick. But I’d had morphine combined with GA before so kind of ruled that out. Wondered if, in my case it was the strong IV anti biotics.

Lots of good advice here as usual. I’ll certainly have more of a chat with the anaesthetist if i need further surgery.


i have been thinking about those anitbiotiecs. They are to kill the superbug arnt they?? Well I have had a pain in my abdomen for over 30 years. it comes and goes but is always in same place (not appendics) I have had two scans that said there was a shadow that looked like adhessions but that did not realy explain it. It had been getting worse before my BC and I was considering going in for an exploration.

Anyway once the dust settled after my WLE I suddenly realised it had disappeared. And it has not been back. I am wondering if i had a minor infection brewing away and the extra strong anitbiotic sorted it out. I must ask the surgeon what it was so that if it ever returns i can see if i can get some orally.