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Hello to all you lovely people. Yet again another question sorry. I started tamoxifen 2 weeks ago, so far so good. I know it is early days but just wondering do you need to get bloods checked whilst on this drug and is there a better time to take it. I am so so scared I will forget a dose. Crazy just another thing to add to my crazy worry list. Also I would like to drive myself to my rads when they start on the 19th September, do you think thats ok. The hospital is about 40 mins away. My ms is settled well and gp delighted with me. Get the rads done and then its all the neurlogy appts to see if the relapse has caused much damage. Ah well onwards and upwards. Love and best wishes to you wonderful

Sorry one more question. How long should you have a wee bit discomfort on the operation site. Not reaaly sore just a wee ache now and then xxxx

Hey MaryDan,


I asked my Oncologist exactly the same question about blood testing during tamoxifen treatment, my primary concern was about liver function, she said it wasn’t necessary at all (she was quite blunt as is her tendency!!). However, she left me in the care of my GP to monitor this medication and I have since had two sets of blood tests done whilst on it (only 6 weeks), but that was related to the side effects I was having and ensuring there was nothing else medically ‘going on’. I’m not sure if some places do run regular blood tests, I know they happen now and again for some people for hormone levels, but I get the feeling that they wait and see if you present with any symptoms and then test accordingly for whichever problem is being presented and it isnt standard to have general blood tests. In a way it makes sense… what would they check for?


Radiotherapy…I drove myself there and back each day. It was about 30 mins away and I actually quite enjoyed the peace of listening to the radio and feeling in control and not needy of assistance. Seeing the countryside and having the routine of it helped me through a bit, I certainly wasn’t ever too tired to drive. However, you need to form your judgement on that later on, depending on if you do get too exhausted…if that does happen it will be from later in the treatment and not at the start. The rt nurse told me there was no reason not to drive, as long as you werent affected by pain/discomfort from the surgery itself. If you are happy with driving then go for it,


hi mary,
I’ve been on tamox a few months now with no problems, as yet, noone has said anything about blood tests. I take mine after breakfast as I am less likely to forget it this way round.
I also was happy to drive during rads, so see how you feel.
ann x

hi mary,
Parcetamol & co-codamol are fine to take with tamox, so do take it if needed, I’ve seen nothing to say there’s a problem, I take it myself.
I’ve just carried on pretty much as usual with food, though I wouldn’t go overboard with soya products - tofu etc (plant oestrogens) but I never did anyway.
ann x