genetic testing Belfast City Hosiptal

I was wondering if anyone has had their genetic testing done at Belfast City Hospital and how long it took for their results to come back - I’ve been told three different time scales.

Hi Angie,

great to see someone else attending BCH! Im going to genetics clinic on the 15/10/07…I was diagnosed with breast cancer last Oct aged 41, my mum was diagnosed in May this year aged 66, no other breast cancer in family…I dont know how long results take, but i know its a long time,


Hi Jill,

I was told it could take anything from 9mts to 1yr and am not to keen on such a long wait. I was dx Mar 05 aged 41 and my mum was dx at 43. The genetic nurse took all my family history and out it into the computer and was able to tell me that a maternal aunt and cousin both dx with breast cancer - we knew both had died of cancer but as along time ago no-one certain which kind.

She also sent off a blood sample to a research study for the BRCA 3 gene - ask to be included in it when you have your appointment.

Good luck


Hi Angie,

Thanks for your advice. Hope you and your mum are doing ok. Im worried as we have prostate cancer in the family, and my mother in law and her sister both had breast cancer…I have 2 daughters, still very young but want to know what the chances are for them…

I must say the treatment in BCH has been second to none…its my “anniversary” of diagnosis next week, dont know where the last year has gone…On Herceptin until May 2008, but back to work in a week…pay ran out!..Well great to be back to some type of normality

Good Luck