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Hi im new to the site and came across it when looking for information on genetic testing. Basically im 19 and want genetic testing for breast cancer as when i was 13 my mother was diagnosed with agressive form of breast cancer she was only 37 so from what ive researched it means theres a high chance of her having the gene. Her cousin (my grandads brothers daughter) had the gene which she assumed had come from her mothers side of the family and had a double masectomy but we dont know if the gene is on there fathers side of the family. Im really scared that i have the gene and will be ill like my mom was so id like to prevent it. Also i have a little sister and younger cousin who are worried as my mom and her cousin are the only blood related women in the family before us. My mom said she doesnt want to be tested because that would mean she has a chance of it coming back (shes in remission now and training to be a nurse - so proud of her). But i want to know so that i can do things to try and prevent it of i have. Any idea what my options are if my mom continues to say she doesnt want to be tested? She said we will talk to the breast nurse at her next appointment in march. what about breadt screening when can i start having that?

Rebecca x

Hello RJS280693

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Hi rebecca

mum having bc at 37 wouldnt increase the risk of carrying a gene but would mean you should be eligible for early screening As you would be classed as moderate risk… Only those who are high risk get offered a full mutation screen… High risk families are families with 4 BC in 3 generations or somebody with breast and ov ca.

You can request to be tested for the gene that is in your family even if your mum refuses but you can request to be checked.

these are the national criteria for gene testing… In scotland its slightly different criteria.

good luck

Hi lulu,
who do i need to speak to about being checked?
the nurse at my doctors told me to get a form from reception but the receptionist said they dont have the forms anymore.
thanx rebecca x