"Genuine" Complementary Therapists

“Genuine” Complementary Therapists

“Genuine” Complementary Therapists I am new to the forums and have enjoyed dipping into the various topics but the complementary therapies forum is a subject close to my heart. While being treated for early stage BC last year (lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node removal & radiotherapy) I enjoyed receiving 3 sessions of complementary treatments including reflexology. As part of my ‘life changing’ plans following the BC treatment, I am currently training to be a reflexologist (on the ITEC syllabus) and can assure everyone that this is not a ‘five minute wonder’ but 10 months of theory and practical sessions together with 40 individual case study sessions (all of which have to be typed up and form part of the final examination). I have already had to pass an Anatomy&Physiology exam before being allowed to take the Reflexology exams - theory & practical in July this year. I also have to have insurance which is only issued to people taking recognised training and is not renewed unless therapists take further courses (professional development). SO…look for evidence of qualification/insurance from your therapist and it’s true that reflexology will not cure cancer but it will leave you feeling very relaxed and a bit more human!!