Getting a tissue expander, what's it like?

Thanks Carole, that’s all very helpful. I was supposed to be going for a fill tomorrow, but the hospital haven’t sent me an appointment card and I’ve no record of it! Going to ring them tomorrow first thing anyway. It is settling down quite a lot - interesting to hear you say about the muscle attached to the collar bone - that’s pretty painful for me too. I don’t know if I’m bothered about a droop!


Did anyone with temporary expanders have rads? How long did you have to wait after you finished before you were inflated? And how often do you get inflated? I had my last rads a month ago. My BCN said I had to wait 3 months…but I was hoping for sooner…!

Thank you.

Hi Sandytoes (love your name!). I have a temp expander, it will be removed and my own tummy fat used for the recon in about 7 months.

I had rads, 4.5 yrs ago, and this was mentioned as an issue when it comes to stretching the skin.

I am permenently tired as I sleep really badly, wake up frequently uncomfortable, but now at 470 mls, heading towards 600mls. The great thing is the cleavege, though it’s a shame my scar (same one as my mast) is too high and can be seen if I have a lower cut top (so I dont)

Just wanted to say, it’s a bit of a roller coaster, but you do get used to the strange tight feeling, and regular massage with oil def helps. Just bought bio oil, been using baby oil, so not sure if there will be any difference.


I have had my tissue expander in now for a year. At first it was really sore getting it filled up 100 mls a time for about 6 times. Had to go back once and get some taken out as was too overambitious. Now it is fine. Have a wonderful cleavage and had first Christmas being able to wear a sexy dress. Was due to get my implant put in tomorrow but unfortunately has been cancelled. Original operation to get the expander put in was cancelled with 3 days notice, then pencilled in for November then cancelled. Then given date for tomorrow and cancelled today. Very very frustrating as everyone will know how annoying it is to rearrange your life. Husband took week off work too. Surgeon has said cant tell me when I will be going back in as I am not an emergency. Understand this but really frustrating. Anyone else had this problem?



Mistymoley, if you work, how long was it before you went back?

I have been offered a double mastectomy and impants using expanders due to my family history. I have just finished my last chemo session and need to make a choice of either foregoing the radiotherapay (due to start in approx.3 weeks time)and having a mastectomy with the start of recontsruction at the same time as my completitive treatment, or to go ahead just with the radiotherapy.



Hi Teazle

Sorry for the delay - for some reason (don’t know if it’s just me!) I don’t get alerts from this site, and I don’t come on often.

I am not working, because we’ve moved house and so we are having a lot of work done to the house. But I am doing decorating, tiling and so on. I would be able to work if I had a job (depending on the job!). It’s about 10 weeks since I had my op. I didn’t have RT or chemo though, so I guess it depends how you feel.