Getting married in March 2014

I have not been on the forum for a very long time as have passed my 5 year anniversry. I am finally moving forward and looking forward to my wedding next year. I have one question - I had a wide local incision so i still have my breast but it is abit of a funny shape so need advice on the sort of style I can wear on my top half for my wedding. Also one that does not show my rads tattoo.

Thanks Rach xxxx

Hi Rach

Just wanted to say congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and also with reaching 5 years and moving on. I have nothing to suggest as to what top half you can wear but would suggest you go on a shopping spree and try on lots of lovely dresses and see what suits you best take someone with you and make a day of it!!! As for rads tattoo I cant see mine unless really look for it so wouldn’t think that would cause a problem as in any one seeing it.

Good luck
Jill xxx

Hi Rach,
Congratulations on your wedding and reaching the 5 year mark. I got married a few years ago, and the dress I ended up with was nothing like what I initially thought I wanted. Just try loads on and you will know which one when you find it.
Take care

Congratulations on passing your 5 year anniversary and also on getting married! Sounds like I was in a similar situation last year. Passed my 5 years in Feb 2012 and got married in May. I had a similar problem, having had a mastectomy/ reconstruction and radiation so tattoo’s, scars and a weird shape boob were all things I had to over come. But trying on dresses is actually really good fun. I ended up having two. Both were sweet heart neck lines so no straps (which was the last thing I thought i’d have due to the weird shape of my left boob) But it ultimately worked. And didn’t wear a bra in either because they built in padded support for one side to make them equal. It was amazing. Stewart Parvin made my first one, and and al local dress maker made my evening one. But they both made me feel amazing, so my advice would be to find someone who can build something in, and make you feel as secure and comfortable as possible. You’ll be so happy on the day you’ll look radiant, and no-one will see a tiny blue dot tattoo. Have fun shopping! It really is the happiest day xx

Congratulation on your future wedding and passing your 5 year anniversary.

Have a look on the big wide web for mastectomy wedding dresses.  There are some lovely ones on there.