getting my life back

I’m so excited - I have my last chemo session next wednesday.
I went to see radiotherapist specialist yesterday and I’m being marked up on 15th Sept to start rads on 1st Oct - only 15 sessions instead of 20 so should be all finshed by 21st of oct. I asked if I’d be OK to book a holiday late Nov and he said that’s all I’ll have left is the hormone threrapy and check ups for 5 years so get on living life and put this year behind me. I took him at his word and when we got home we have booked a flight to Orlando for 25th Nov for 2 weeks and have booked a 4 day cruise to Bahamas whilst we are there. I know that there’s a good chance the cancer will return and I should imagine it’ll get me in the end but until then I’m going to life with a big capitol L

whoops - entered on wrong topic discussion - more chemo brain


Don’t blame you forgetting excited well done thats great news…enjoy your self and don’t think about chaces of it returning…there are plenty that it doesn’t and I would focus on that …possitive attitudes do bring possitive results (not everytime I know but it does help)

You go Girl enjoy getting your life back!

All the best LJxx

Congrats Kelyn for getting to the end of your chemo sessions. You had better make sure you go out and celebrate big time afterwards when you are ready. Well worth it. And wot a fabulous holiday you have booked, makin me jealous. We are going to go away after all this prob next year to Sandals beaches with the little ones and indulge ourselves.

Anyway, take care and enjoy your freedom.