Getting my life back

I’m so excited - I have my last chemo session next wednesday.
I went to see radiotherapist specialist yesterday and I’m being marked up on 15th Sept to start rads on 1st Oct - only 15 sessions instead of 20 so should be all finshed by 21st of oct. I asked if I’d be OK to book a holiday late Nov and he said that’s all I’ll have left is the hormone threrapy and check ups for 5 years so get on living life and put this year behind me. I took him at his word and when we got home we have booked a flight to Orlando for 25th Nov for 2 weeks and have booked a 4 day cruise to Bahamas whilst we are there. I know that there’s a good chance the cancer will return and I should imagine it’ll get me in the end but until then I’m going to life with a big capitol L

Fantastic news Kelyn! How wonderful to plan a holiday. I don’t want to seem Pollyanna about what it, but the holiday and life will seem all the sweeter after all this.

That’s brilliant! Enjoy your holiday. You deserve it.

God bless.



Fantastic news and so great to have something to look forward to - Orlando and the Bahamas what a dream trip!

Life is certainly for living and getting through this is wonderful - roll on November - and there is me looking forward to 3 days in Cheltenham - very jealous now!!!

Sun, sea, sand, rum puch and all the exhilarating rides (!!) you can imagine - have a great time and enjoy the anticipation, for me that is all part of the holiday!


Snap!!: strange that… my last chemo is Wednesday and I start rads on 1st October… however, similarity ends there as I have to have 25 rads! So should finish first week of November. Im going to have a sneaky week away in Portugal between chemo and rads so should be fun! Then, in December/January I think we’re going to book a big holiday somewhere, west indies or something, like you say, live life to the full!

Take care

Pauline x

Congrats Kelyn for getting to the end of your chemo sessions. You had better make sure you go out and celebrate big time afterwards when you are ready. Well worth it. And wot a fabulous holiday you have booked, makin me jealous. We are going to go away after all this prob next year to Sandals beaches with the little ones and indulge ourselves.

Anyway, take care and enjoy your freedom.


Hi! Kelyn Nice thought finishing chemo. I remember reading your posts a while back
amazing how time goes in, ( it’s great to have something to look forward to). I am just behind you
2 cmf to go then rads. best wishes Jeanxxx

Hi Kelyn
God I am sooooooo jealous!!! I had 3 weeks in Florida in October last year and came back to find this stupid lump!!!

My hubby wants to book to go back again next year, but not sure if I can fly with having blood clots, never mind trying to get insurance.

I have a few English breaks planned though, and it does feel good to have the ability to plan again, although I just don’t know where these past 10 months have gone???

Going to Kings Lynn next weekend for my 15th wedding anniversary with no kids (heaven)that’s if we get as my mum should be having the kids for the weekend, but my dad has just been rushed into hospital with suspected kidney stones.

Good luck with your rads.
Take care



I am finishing chemo on the 3rd of december - no rads to follow… and I am planning to do Christmas in Miami and the Keys… no cruise for me - I am planning a short one in the mediterranean in October, between the 2 different types of chemo (doc is OK), but a small aprt rented right on the ocean, sunny breezes (hopefully) and my daughter to cuddle… last but not least: shopping!!! mmmmmm

I’ll think of you in November… I think after this ordeal (and I am measuring the word), a vacation is definitely in order to put all this behind us.

thank you all so very much for your replies

Here’s to living and here’s to holidays whether that is a weekend in this country or a foreign stay - it’s just so nice to get away from it all

Hi Kelyn,

your forthcoming hols sounds ace! I am soooooo jealous!! We are planning a getaway to Portugal some time early in the new year and already I can’t wait! Ginna enjoy a very nice golfing holiday.

I hope your rads planning goes well and the following treatment is ok. As you know I still have my 3rd day 8 CMF next weds, then a 3 week break, then I’m into my FINAL cycle, hurrah!!! Can you remember how we were discussing when we first started chemop how before we knew it we’d be discussing rads. I just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!

Take care and keep in touch,


Wow Fantastic.
Just spotted your thread.

I am so please for you and I hope you book your hols to somewhere exotic!!!

And A mega good luck & fingers crossed for the Rads on 15th!!
Be thining of you whilst you are thinking of that holiday…

Take care
Cyber hugs & giggles


How wonderful
My last chemo is next thursday -15th
I am then like you starting rads on 1st October at Southampton

Planning to get to America if i can end of November. then Disney paris at February half term -can’t wait