getting near the end

Hi everyone
Haven’t been o for a while so just catching up. I have now had number five and eagerly await number six the last one!!! My bloods were quite low this time so now I am paranoid about infrction and last one being delayed.
Only worry at the moment is the breathlessness - anyone else like this? The slightest effort seems to make me out of breath and shallow breathing I am constantly worried I am going to make myself ill so end up sitting doing nothing. I don’t know how I am going to get myself back to work in the New Year. I was hoping to go back part time while doing rads but worrying now wether I will manage it.
Sorry to be having a moan I think I am jsut so keen to get back to some sort of normality and the light at the end of the tunnel keeps wavering a bit.
Why am I so breathless? I keep thinking my heart is affected - could it be or am I being dramatic? Sorry moan moan moan I know!!!
Need to keep that last one in sight. So tell me how long before I will start to feel ‘normal’ again? Anyone help with that one.
Better go before I start another rant…

Hi Jew,
I’ve just finished my 6 cycles of chemo 3 weeks ago and by the last one I felt wrecked. I was on TAC and by number 5 I was almost tempted to get my kids to push me up the stairs as I was so out of breath.
I now feel a bit better and think that the chemo must be such a strain on your body.

Hang in there - the end is in sight - I feel almost deleriously happy that chemo is over - now just radio and herceptin(that’s all!!). It’s a long road and I think by the last sessions you feel worn out. Keep up your spirits and pray that all goes well for you.


:frowning: yeah, each cycle gets more tiring huh…

Next monday is my last one of eight, and that thought makes me very cheery. I have noticed that at each cycle I feel more tired, more down… never nausea, but for now I really have to count on 3 days of sleep and rest to get over it (when I started, it was one only… ). I spoke to the doctor, and she seems to find that normal. Can’t help with the breathlessness, but at least on that. I also have asked how long before all gets back to normal and I got the usual politically correct answer “it is very personal yadda yadda yadda”. That hair should really start re-growing about 3 weeks after the end of chemo, and the rest should follow, with 70 to 80 percent full normality in tow… but she didn’t specify what part of normality would or might take longer. bummer.

one thing I can tell: on the 3rd december at night, I’ll be screaming with joy.

Hi Jewjew,
I read somewhere that chemo can mess with your red blood cells as well, which take oxygen around your body. Remember all that haemaglobin stuff at school? I think breathlessness is a sign of anaemia. They’ll be checking it anyway, but mention it next time you’re there. I am sure you don’t need to be alarmed about it.
All the best for getting to the end. I had my last one last mon and have felt worse than ever the last few days, but it’s over!
love Jacquie

Hi Jewjew
I am due my 6th and final FEC today, I have been very breathless since chemo 4 my oncologist informed me as Jacqui says it is all to do with low red blood cells causing lack of oxygen around the body.

All the very best

Kim x

Thanks for that glad I’m not alone! I was beginning to wonder if it was blood cells guess it must be. Congrats on you getting to the end Kim and Jaquie. I will be doing my screaming on the 11th December Lilith. Just hope I feel as great about the end as I am expecting and it doesn’t become an anti-climax!!

Hi Jew

It is a huge relief!!!
Good luck for 11 Dec will be thinking of you.

Kim x

When i got home from my last chemo someone had sent me a funny elf video, which i watched over and over, laughing till I cried. i thought it was hysterically funny so sent it to lots of people. Now I realise it was a mixture of the cocktail of drugs, and the sheer relief of the last chemo, that made it seem so funny!! How embarrassing!
Hope you have a great laugh when you get to the end, and don’t be at all surprised if you feel nothing, it’s a funny old business…
love jacquie

My last cycle is in two parts on christmas eve and new years eve!! but at least it will all be over in 2007. I also am very breathless and worrying about returning to work in February. I have been told it is just due to the bit of extra weight i’ve gained sitting about doing nothing cause you feel so rubbish. So following my last chemo on news years eve, i shall be attempting to walk round the block daily with my dogs and build up slowly to venture further a field! Hopefull with a good six weeks of increased exercise work won’t seem so daunting.

Good Luck Jew.