Getting new life insurance after BC

Hi Folks,

I have a term policy that will expire in 2 years and then I’ll need a new one.

I want to avoid the “no health questions” policies from a company that offers pens as free gifts if you apply, as it has been well-publicised that unless you croak in the first 5 years, then you’ll be getting less out than you paid in.

Has anyone got an any suggestions as to companies that will offer a decent return for folk who have had BC treatment?


sorry, no help with your question, but I’ve just seen you photo and I have hair envy!!! xxx

Thanks - that’s 3 months’ worth of tufts. Colour still as patchy as a tortoiseshell and white kitten but at least it’s not all white any more. I wasn’t white/grey before chemo!
Bit of a way off being grown to the length of my old ponytail, I wager.

I’d try then all Ninja. After all, you can never have too many pens ;o)

The “no questions asked” thing I just looked at won’t pay out in the first two years. In the meantime, It’s 50 notes a month just to get 18K. Cannot afford that.

With a normal term policy, I can get (without BC) £50,000 cover for 10 years for about £20.


Lots of tail chasing?
I’ll have to dig mine out and have a good looky. After finding i’d got no income cover, don’t want to cock up again.

The general advice seems to be that unless you have a grade 1 BC, you can’t get cover at all for 3-5 years.
I have the chance of a recurrence in the first 2 years, hence my concern. You can see why they avoid covering us!