Getting over a cold now got an annoying cough, when do you go to a&e?

Ive had a cold since my third FEC on 11th September and have now got a chesty cough. My temperature is 36.9C but my thermometer usually reads at about 35C when I’m feeling ok. Whenever I’ve rung the number I’ve got for advice it always feels like I am being a bit of a worry bag and not necessarily a nuisance but maybe overreacting! 

When do you consider going to A&E? Or is it a case of if I need to ask that then I don’t need to go??

Also feeling a bit down so probably worrying over nothing!


Hi Purpleclare. - I was told to go to a and e if temperature over 38c, flu like symptoms or difficulty breathing and given a fast track card but never had to use it so far.  I think I would definitely get an urgent appointment with your GP for that chesty cough as you might need antibiotics to clear it.  Wishing you all the best Carole xxx