Getting Panicky

Afer 3 weeks I am back at clinic tomorrow for results of CAT scan and decision whether I have chemo or surgery first after I chose surgery when they wanted chemo first as it would maybe make surgery easier.


I am now beginning to panic as the actual realiy is kicking in. Id been managing to work since was diagnosed beginning January with 2 cancerous sites including lymph glands. Gave up work on Tuesday as I kept breaking down in tears mainly through tiredness and worry I think ( ME wasnt great either as both affect it).

Now Im begiining to feel sick.


Everyone at work says I’ll get through it as Im the strongest person they know a really strong person ( mind you they think Im organised so I obviously put out different vibes to reality).


I know that tomorrow it will be just decision re start date so still will have to wait before treatment but its the no going back finality ( wrong word but you know what I mean)

Hi butterfly 22,

It’s amazing isn’t it how other people perceive you.  If only they knew the jumbled up mess you feel inside - or maybe best they don’t.  Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.  It’s all scarey stuff but every hurdle is still another step towards recovery. Xx

Hi butterfly22
Sorry you are struggling at the minute. Me too! The tears just seem to overwhelm you all of a sudden. I am really impressed you have managed to work at all, you are clearly much stronger than me as getting out of my jarmie’s most day is a struggle. So well done for coping as well as you have. It seems there’s no right and wrong way of coping, just getting through the days with some normality is a success. I can’t give any opinion about order of your treatment, I suppose just listen to their advice as they are the experts. We are completely in their hands.
I also have results of ct scan tomorrow and am terrified. I will have everything crossed for you. Big hugs.
Caroline xxx

Hi butterfly and caroline, just sending you both big hugs. Its absolutely awful waiting results and I can really empathise.
You’re getting one step closer to beating this, slowly but surely.
Lots of love xxxx

Good luck today, hope all goes well,  thinking of you xxxx

Good luck. Waiting for results is just the worst part of this journey I think. Hugs xxx

Hi had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago now diagnosed with stage 2a grade 3 cancer. Originally it was going to be radiotherapy but now need chemo then radiotherapy. I also have me would like to talk if anybody else also has me but would like to chat to any body about to go through chemo am very nervous!! X