Getting to know post lumpectomy boob

Im struggling to know if Im feeling scar Tissue lumps and bumps, or if there’s new cancer. 

My radiotheropy finished on 10th feb 2020. The lumps and bumps, twinges and prickles are confusing and so I’m convinced my cancer will come back,  or even has.

How do you get use to the new feel of your boob and when should I be worried? Should things still be changing?

How did you guys get use to it and did you find the feel of your boob was still changing over the year, post treatment?

Hi Damnskippy

I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious. I’m presuming you had a lumpectomy, did you??

I can’t help you, in that respect, as both of mine were full mastectomies, so no breast tissue left to have this worry about.

However - Have you not had a “yearly” physical check-up yet?? If not, that would be what I would chase up first, so that you can have a thorough physical exam by your previous surgeon, or colleague and have your mind put at rest. If you DON’T have check-up lined up, mention your concerns and worries to your BCN (if you still have her contact no.), who’ll no doubt sort one, as I can’t imagine you have already been signed off from your treatment/care, have you?? Failing that, your GP and ask if you can have one.

Hope you get something soon,  Delly  xxx

I finished my treatment the December before you. I had a lumpectomy, followed by radiotherapy. My first annual review was just before Christmas where I had a mammogram. Everything went well. My breast is firmer than it was and the skin has changed. It’s slightly darker and a different texture. The scarring is visible. The one thing that I have is itching. My skin can become very itchy. I have been told that itching is part of the healing process. I moisturize a lot. Hope this helps. If you’re worried, seek advice from your BC nurse. 

I had a lumpectomy, plus chemo and radiotherapy, almost two years ago. I still have various aches and pains in my left breast most days and what’s more, they vary in intensity. On a couple of occasions I’ve freaked out completely and convinced myself that the cancer has come back. Luckily I have a great breast care team and each time I’ve contacted them in a panic, they’ve told me to come in, even during lockdown, and have checked things. Every time, all has been fine. I’m not sure that the pain and twinges will ever go completely, nor will I ever be able to ignore them, but I am getting better at recognizing them for what they are, reminders of the various pretty invasive treatments. I guess what I’m saying is, the pain is normal, as is your anxiety. What changes over time, is how you might be able to respond and cope. If you’re worried, definitely contact your team. They’re there to help you through this. Incidentally, there are a number of other, older threads on the forum, that have numerous posts about this - I found it really helpful to read them, as this made me realise how common this all is.

Hope this helps a bit. 


Yea mine is exactly  the same I try to rationalise  it but your mind is on overdrive constantly 

I had a DIEP reconstruction so can only mention how I am currently coming terms with my figure and boob.  I was given specific advice of having to rub side to side all the ’ clumped ’ up tissue which felt like ‘grissel’ and after 9 months is only now disappearing. Having to rub my boob in specific. I also had to rub all my scars and believe me with a DIEP I look like I had a sword fight in an episode of Game of Thrones and got sliced in half! - areas 2 to 3 times a day and u did put moisturiser on to make it feel comfortable has meant that I’ve had no choice but to get use to it.  I’m still getting twinges and aches and at the stage of paranoia thinking my cancer is spreading… As mentioned I had a DIEP.  Take Care, and always ask the Breast Cancer on here or at your local Health Trust.