getting v stressed out!

hi guys,

i was at my gp last year with a lump in my right breast…he thought it was nothing but said he’d send me to breast clinic just to be sure. they did examination, ultrasound and needle biopsy and said it was just a cyst but i could get it removed if i wanted - i declined. later in the year it was causing pain so off back to gp, got examined and told prob had a bang and got infected so got antibiotics.

it causes pain on and off all the time, but lately i’ve just had a funny feeling - and i’ve had varying symptoms of an unknown illness that i’ve been getting tests for (nausea, stomach pain etc). i thought i felt something in my armpit last night, went to put my jacket on and screamed in pain - when i look in the mirror i see a small bulge in right armpit. i will ask the gp when i’m back (back and forth every week or so at the mo with this illness), but as u can imagine i’m freaking out! does anyone have any ideas? if my breast lump really is benign could it still be causing probs in armpit?

thanks :-/

Lymph nodes can swell as a reaction to other illness besides BC. Best thing to do is go to gp straight away and take away the stress. Hope all goes well for you.

Hi Hayls and welcome to the BCC forums

You are welcome to call our helpline for further support on 0808 800 6000, the line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat and you can talk through your concerns with one of our specialist nurses. Alternatively you may wish to send you query to our ‘Ask the nurse’ service which you can access here:

I am posting a link to our breast awareness information leaflet which you may also find helpful:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/40/

Take care

i agree with Hatty… your nodes are an important part of your immune system and there to help prevent infection and other diseases so can be increased for many reasons.

but ask your gp to refer you back to the breast unit to get them to check out the swelling and the lump in your breast… its best to be on the safe side.


thanks v much guys, i’ve calmed down a little and realised it’s probably nothing - but i’ll be back at doctors soon enough for other test results etc so will ask while i’m there :-?

thanks x

As for cysts, if I could feel it, I wanted it aspirated (a very fine needle draws off the fluid, which is then chucked out as it’s nothing to do with cancer) so that I would be able to get any new lumps checked.

I had a couple of cysts aspirated about 7 years ago, so when I found some more lumps, I thought they’d be cysts as well. As it turns out, they were, but while they were being investigated they found something that wasn’t a cyst.

I thank my lucky stars for those cysts, as without them I would never have found the lump that turned out to be an aggressive cancer that I’ve managed to catch before it had much chance to spread - NODE ARE CLEAR.

So I suggest you do let them aspirate cysts if you can feel them, so you can report any new lumps. If you end up having to have cysts aspirated frequently, that’s fine and not a problem for anyone. Just keep checking, as you might find your cysts and checks about the cysts help to identify a problem much earlier than if you didn’t have cysts, so you need less treatment.


thanks so much everyone for the advice.

when i got my lump checked and they said it was clear i accepted it, but i’ve always had that ‘what if they were wrong’ feeling! they said at the time if i wanted it removed it’d have to be done surgically as it’s solid.

i know i really need to get it checked, as the probs am having at the mo are stomach pain related…and i’msure worrying about this won’t be helping the pain! will keep u all updated, thank you :slight_smile: xx

hi guys,

got this checked this morning - explained that on tuesday a swelling appeared and it was slightly painful,although swelling has gone down its still slightly tender depending what way i hold my arm. she had a feel, looked at me like i had 2 heads and said it was nothing. made me feel like i was just bothering her!! sigh x