getting worried

well i have been told i have to have my surgery doen from tummy, i cant have implant on left side as had rads, dunno why but hey ho. please tell me i wont have four darins haning out of me, omg that will do my head in as im not a lie in bed pesorn due to back probs, and admitteldy being abit erm, hyper lol, and unable to even sit still.

also my op is in frenchay and ive heard they have had probs with pest infestation, they have had to call out pest control, do i really wanna go there lol

Hi Mad Gal

I had 4 drains when I had a bi-lateral mastectomy. What happened I got a big designer shopping bag and stuck the drains in it. With a coat/jacket on top! I had the op on a tues and was home on the fri. By now I had just 2 drains in. Friday night I was up Sainsbury’s shopping, with drains in posh bag!

Re pest control, I guess your worried about infection etc. I scrubbed myself in Tea Tree before I went in and washed my hair in it too. As long as your feeling well, there usually is no problem if you want to go home. I know my consultant like it if the patient is up and about and doing well, its a good sign to them!

Prob not able to have the implant due to any scar tissue that may have been caused by rads. the scar tissue doesn’t stretch so well. But just think, you’ll have a new boob and a tummy tuck.

Keep smiling

Lots of love Jeni x

been told il be in for a week, which is prob best as i have a two year oold that likes to pull things lol, i stayed in after mastectomy for same reason as he was only year and half and i felt it was better not to go with drains in.

dunno when il have it yet as still waiting to here from surgen

My son nearly pulled my drain out LOL It hurt, but he was sooo small. And it is hard going into hospital and not being with your child, you naturally worry about them and yourself! But, once you’ve had the op, you’ll be a new woman and you can look forward to shopping for lovely new clothes.

I’m not sure what recovery is like with a tram-flap, not having had one. But I’m sure they will look after you, they are so good at what they do! It’s perfectly normal to be nervous, I know I always am when I have to go in. But when you get there you will be fine. And dont forget to ask for that Pre-Med!! Does wonders for me lol

Lots of love


HI Madgal

Are you having a DIEP flap in Frenchay as I have this option at this hospital ? I can’t have an implant as like you I have had radiotherapy and as Jeni quite righly says the skin won’t stretch for an implant and also scar tissue could contract over the implant.

I was devastated when I found out this was my only option as I just assumed I would have a minor op for the implant and could then get on with my life. Instead I am worrying about having such major surgery and the scarring to my tummy afterwards. Perhaps I will feel differently further down the post op line.


When I woke from my tram flap I had 2 drains in my tummy and I think just the one in my chest, I also had epidural, catheter, oxygen + 2 cannulas in my groin and hand.

The epidural managed any pain really good and remained until day 2 post op, then the others have to get removed the day after and thats the day I had to get our of bed and start the little walk to the ensuite and it was hard work (had to sit in the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth). Was able to get dressed and get myself a cup of tea in the corrider on day 5 (to impress the dr) and was allowed home that day.

It is longer recovery but supposed to have the better results,I recovered quite quickly, but have no choice 2 kids still in primary school, but made sure I got loads of rest and made OH get pre washed, chopped veg etc to make life easier and still eat healthyish.

I took 9 weeks of work altogether, could have gone back after 8 but sick note already dated. Was out walking after 3/4 weeks this helps build strength and it was 7/8 weeks before I was confident with driving, would hate not being able to do emergency stop.

To tell you the truth I didn’t notice the drains too much this time as was bed ridden.

My tummy scar is hip to hip and very flat and neat and best bit I was able to buy high bikins this summer, no more grannyish mastectomy wear for me. (40 years old).


HI Debbie

It is really inspiring that your recovery was so good. And the best bit of news for me is that you are obviously happy with your scar. I too am a bikini girl but the scar looked quite high up on photos I have seen but as you say there are high bikinis. Do you have any discomfort from the tummy scar ? How long ago did you have your op and what part of the UK ? You are the first person I have spoken to who has had this surgery hence all the questions

Hi Cora

My tummy has been fine, I wear what I wore before (mainly jeans as office is now casual) I was advised to buy e vit capsules and cut open and massage along scar lines on tummy and boob to help scar tissue and must admit when I went for check ups they were impressed. My tummy is a bit numb around scar but I think this is normal for any tummy operation, but it is very flat, I had op in december 07 and was back at high impact areobic classes within 4 months. The only moan re my scar is its still quite red, my PS noticed this straight away and said its my skin, however another lady at my work who had same op and surgeon has same good results and recovery and her scar is fading really good. I suppose our skin react differently - I thought mine would behave as I never got one strech mark during 2 pregnancies and yes the scar was a bit higher than I thought but cleavage is on show far more than a 40 year olds tummy. I suppose thinking back my mast scar although very neat was quite angry looking too.

I had my op in Oxford, PS was the most recommended but is no longer taking on new BC patients as he is now specialising in another cancer clinic.

Hope this helps


Hi Debbie

I asked my BC nurse if she could find me one of my surgeon’s patients who was at least a year post op so I could see what the scar looked like. BC nurse said that people are different and heal accordingly- one persons scar may look settled after a year whereas another person may not be so lucky. If you only had your op in December I would expect it to look a bit angry. Although I have no experience of this I would think that scarring would still be improving for 2 years or so. If your scar is already flat and neat I would be very pleased with this at your stage. As you say the mast scar does look very red (mine is turning brown now due to rads).

You sound as if your recovery has been very good. Thanks for all the advice.

Hi madgal
I had a diep recon last Oct. I had 4 drains - 2 in my groin and 2 in my chest. They came out about day 4 or 5 I think. It’s amazing how quickly you forget! I was in high dependancy for 3 nights and believe me I didn’t have the strength to even think about getting out of bed. I think they got me up on the 3rd day. I was in for a week and they were fine about me going for little walks after I went onto the ward. The beds are usually very adjustable so hopefully you will find a comfartable position. Maybe the pain relief will block out the back problem too!
Take care fantan