Getting wound up again :(

Hi all,don’t know if you remember me from a few weeks ago.Last November,I noticed a bruise-like mark on my left breast,with a lump underneath it.I went to the clinic and had a horrid time.Eventually went to a second clinic,who were great.The consultant was very thorough and reassuring.Had a scan and was told it doesn’t look sinister,but the sonographer kept asking if I had suffered a trauma on that breast.I racked my brains,and honestly can’t remember having bumped it or anything.Went back into the consultant,and she asked the same.My head has hurt ever since from thinking if I have!lol.
Anyway,at the end of the appointment,she said I’ll see you again in 6 weeks time,and if it hasn’t gone-which I suspect it will have done,we’ll stick a needle in.
Well,my bruise/lump is still there-and my appointment is Thursday next week.Am starting to get really anxious again.Keep telling myself to stop being silly,but it doesn’t work.Haven’t really thought about going back to the hospital,because I assumed my lump would of dissapeared,as they expected.But the realisation has just hit me that its still there,and now what?Panicking :frowning:
What is it like having the needle in?Is it painful?Will she know there and then if its suspicious?
Thanks guys in advance,sorry for rambling-again!I start typing,thinking I’ll do a quick post,and get carried away lol.
Jenny x


You are behaving in a perfectly normal way, afterall somone has said they are going to stick needle in you to find out about a lump. Anyone/everyone would be worried!

There are many things that your lump can be and only one of those is cancer - so the odds are with you.

I have had a biopsy (needles). I have 4 lumps, from which they took 3 samples from 2 of them, under local anaesthetic, they also did 2 in my armpit to check my lymph nodes. It is uncomfortable but not painful. Just be aware that you will feel a bit sore in that area for quite a while, but nothing that a paracetamal won’t sort.

Good luck and try not to panic, the test is as much to rule things out as to confirm things.

Hi Jenny, no surprise that you are getting wound up again! At least you have an appointment to investigate this further. The needle thing 'aspiration ’ is not too bad its a very very fine needle and i have had many having had cysts for quite a few years before being dx with breast cancer in December. It is done without anaesthetic and it just draws fluid from the lump, if there is fluid there, its very quick and relatively painless. Regarding if they will know there and then i can only speak from my experience , in the past fluid comes from the lump and i was just put on primrose oil and it went on its own. Unfortunately in December there was no fluid and the consultant got the surgeon in to have a look straight away so i did know that this time it was more sinister. However 9 out of ten lumps are not cancer and whatever it may be they will be able to treat it.

Wishing you lots of luck,