Gift for my mum idaes

Hi my mum and her neighbour AND my neighbour have all been recently diagnosed wiht breast cancer - crazy! I want to get something for them other than the usual flowers and cards - does anyone have an idea of what to get someone that would be useful during their radiation or chemo treatment? I was thinking those grip socks to wear when having chemo… but not sure?

all tips appreciated - thanks in advance!


Hi Beccerette

so sorry to hear about your mum and the neighbours. How thoughtful of you to be thinking creatively about gifts. I didn’t have chemo so don’t know what would have pleased me as a gift for that, though I think somone on here really appreciated the gift of a lovely soft cosy wrap, though that could be expensive if you’ve three folk to buy for. As well as the cards and flowers I got (all appreciated I have to say - I love flowers) I did enjoy the home-made soup that one set of neighbours dropped by a few times following my op, and another neighbour brought me grapes, crackers and delicious French cheese - yummy. Choccies also went down VERY well. Following diagnosis and surgery you can feel a bit grotty physically so something feminine that makes you feel pampered is nice - smelly hand cream maybe? In a way it is more the fact that someone is thinking of you that matters more than the actual gift. And timing. Post-op you seem to get a lot of stuff but by the time the rads start, a couple of months have gone by and you are seen as alright as it were, so it might be worth a token gift early on, and something else a month or two afterwards when the support has tailed off a bit. Very best wishes to you and your mum and neighbours. They will do just fine having such a good daughter and friend.xxxxxx