ginseng and ginko biloba

Hi there!,

I have just started taking ginseng but I am concern about its oestrogenic effects as my cancer was hormone positive and I am currentely on Tamoxifen.

Can anybody give any advice about it?.


Aarh, another problem!

I didn’t know that Ginseng was oestrogenic! Ginseng and Ginko biloba are often included in expensive multivitamin and mineral supplements aimed at the over 50s so it would be as well to know. Ginseng is usually included because it is supposed to increase energy. Though I’m happy my cognitive function at present, the Ginko biloba was, I think, to help failing memory?

I once came across something on a website of a supplements company, to the effect that the gentler Siberian Ginseng is better suited to women, while men should take Korean Ginseng. Does this indicate that different Ginseng plants have different hormonal properties?

Up until this point, I was vaguely thinking about the Ginseng because I’m permanently tired at the moment.

I tend to stick to a multivit and mineral with nothing extra and all contents within 100% of the EU RDA. I take it only on days when I’m struggling to eat for some reason.

Hi monts

It is advisable to speak to your medical team for advice about taking supplements whilst on treatments for breast cancer. Alternatively, please also feel free to contact our helpline nurses for advice on 0808 800 6000 which is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

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I think that Ginseng and I’m sure that Ginko hav blood thinning properties. This can be very helpful but if you are receiving chemo or are already taking other blood-thinning medication (anything from Warfarin to ASpirin) just check this aspect out with your doctor. Other things which thin the blood include grapeseed extract and I don’t remember all the others, but there are a few herbal preps. that do. Maybe a positive aspect of it for you but best to be sure. Certainly don’t take blood thinners before or shortly after surgery.

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